Exploring Denham

So, the other week on one of my days off I decided to stop gazing over my balcony at what was down past Uxbridge Lock and take a wonder down there. I also wanted to see what the Denham Country Park was like and the visitor centre.

image image

I spent the best part of three hours taking my time and strolling down the canal paths and inevitably my inner explorer kicked in and ended up going completely off track and deeper into the woods.

image  image

I came across so many dragonflies and butterflies, alas I only had my iPhone with me so couldn’t get any decent close up pictures before they flew away.

I just love taking myself somewhere completely new, listening to music and soaking up the great outdoors. It really contents me. I think it’s the feeling of doing my own thing, away from the crowds and reflecting on what’s around me.

This is why I enjoy travelling so much. Alas I don’t have the time off to be jetting somewhere new every week so why not actually explore what’s right on your doorstep? I’m definitely going to look up what other great woods and parks there are near me, so these kind of posts I feel will be the first of many.

After being stung by no less than three stinging nettles, and trying to remember what doc leaves looked like to rub on them,  it was time to find my way back to the Denham Country Park Visitors Centre for a well needed sit down and ice cream.

image  image

After sweating off all the sun cream I had on, and being on my feet for hours, it was time to head home.



Until next time.

Gem x



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