“If I was a rich girl, na na na na na” etc

So, let’s do this! Blogtober 14! Woohoo!


Prompt number 1: If I won the lottery I would…

Firstly. I don’t buy lottery tickets. I see it as a form of gambling and never really got the point of it. I mean, I know plenty of people who play the lottery and have got tickets every week for years, only to ‘win’ a tenner back here and there (not really winning when you’ve already spent 50 quid or so over the course of a few weeks/months buying tickets to no result).

But, let’s just say I did happen to come into a huge amount of money.
Firstly, I would actually use it to sort some things out in my life and generally make my life a bit easier.

Firstly, I would find a new home build and put a deposit on it. Pretty hard to do on my current budget and lack of savings. I love living with my brother, but should really think about getting my own place soon and buying somewhere on my budget just isn’t really do able right now.


Then I would replace my 11 year old car. It gets me from A to B, but there are a few things slowly going wrong with it. Plus I’ve always wanted a Mini Cooper, Renault Clio or a cool purple Peugeot of some sort. Preferably with working air-con and up to date Sat Nav System.

Do another trip to New Zealand. Stunning place. A trip around North and South America too. Only done Florida and Vegas so far, got so much more to see!




Buy myself pilot lessons! Loved my pilot lesson I had a few years back for my birthday, but looking into it I realised it would be a very expensive hobby to upkeep! I just loved flying though. So friggin’ cool.


I would love to further my career and so would pay for myself to do courses relevant to my job role. I love my job, but working in the NHS, funding is always tight for nurses to get on study days (especially more so over the last few years) so at least having disposable money at hand would let me do this with no restrictions.

Anything I had left over would go to Charity. Probably Cancer Research.


Till next time!
Gem x


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