Dream job VS Reality (Blogtober Day 2)

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a paediatric nurse. This passion probably stems back from when I was in hospital a lot as a child. Even though I was in an out of hospitals like pin cushioned yo-yo, I never remember being terrified. Every doctor and nurse I met was amazing and I was always truly grateful when I’d leave hospital a sore but satisfied patient. I think being exposed to it so much, taking up so much of these professionals time, gave me the drive and passion to persue this as a career. Time to give back the love, time and effort people have given to me. It seemed only right and I couldn’t think of doing anything more rewarding.


After two years of college, three years at university and nine eye-opening placements later, I was a qualified paediatric nurse.

So was all the stress and studying worth it? Absolutely.

Trust me, Nursing in any form is not a plain sailing career. It has stressed me out no end to the verge on tears some days. I’ve been pooped, peed and vomited too many times to keep track. I’ve worked with doctors that think they’re super human and treat nurses like peasants. Worked with families for days on end with out so much as a thank you. Working nights on end to the point you don’t feel human anymore, then trying to adapt your body clock back to days. Super fun.
Cardboard starchy tunics are the most unflattering and at times super uncomfortable pieces of clothing ever (especially during the summer months). Nurses pay has been frozen in the NHS. Departments across the UK have been shut, causing additional pressures on NHS staff.
But the most disappointing realisation of all? You don’t get to make out with hot doctors in store room cupboards (as seen on Holby and Casulty) because in reality they aren’t as hot as the actors on TV, heck, you wouldn’t even have the time in a shift to fool around anyway and you’d probably lose your job and even your registration if you were to get caught doing anything like that.

But would I change it? No.

Every ‘Thank You’ I do get from a child or relative, brings a warmth to my heart and a smile on my face. Its a reminder for me why I’m in this profession. To make a difference. I wouldn’t change that for the world.


Till next time!
Gemma x


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