Ibiza: The good, the bad and the OMG

So two weeks ago myself, my brother and a friend embarked on our ‘last proper drinking holiday before we are just too damn old to do this anymore’ holiday. Originally we were going to do a real cheap drinking Magaluf-style holiday filled with dodgy shots, vodka buckets, and oh-so-sketty party wear (aka nothing at all).
As time went on, people were dropping out left, right and center (there was going to be 6 of us originally) and so we just cracked on with booking it. It turns out the time we were looking at going it would be just as expensive doing Ibiza (somewhere we had genuinely wanted to do for the club scene) than it would doing Shagaluf so we changed plans and instead planned an epic rave up clubbing all week holiday.

The Good
The sound systems in Amnesia and Pacha. Just wow. Saw Paul Van Dyk and Chase and Status in Amnesia and they are nights I will never forget. The atmosphere was just incredible. In most clubs I have been to, you get weirded out by every guy that approaches you because you know they’re just after one thing. In these clubs however, it’s completely different. You’re paying a good 40-70 euros a night for these places and it’s clear that people are going for what they came for, a party. Yes some of the club nights we did were pretty pricey, but the atmosphere, the sound systems and the size of these clubs are just something else.



Seeing Jack Whitehall on our first night at Zoo Project Party.

Discobus – A 3 euro bus which takes you to the main clubs (in the middle of nowhere) with house music and drunken people a plenty.

The weather! Mostly 27-30 degrees the entire time! We had one storm and even then it was still really warm and was quite awsome watching it from our balcony as we got ready for another night on the town.

Cheap drinks – if you’re buying pre-drinks from a supermarket or heading to the west end for drink-all-this-alcohol-for-12-euros offers.


Hot guys. Everywhere. Wow. I so so so should have worked on my ‘bikini body’ way more than I did (which was pretty much sod all) cause every one of these guys just made me feel huge!

Using a Travel Money Card from The Post Office. Free to use in PIN machines in many shops and many countries. I does charge a small fee for withdrawing cash from ATMs, but definitely felt safer using that than taking 500 euros in notes with me.

Flying Norweigan on the way home with free Wifi on board. Talk about futuristic!

The Bad
15-18 euros for a single alcoholic drink in the top clubs. 9 euros for a 250ml bottle of water (which you really really need after raving for 6 hours straight). Rip. Enough said.

The hotel. Ok, we did go ahead and book THE cheapest hotel on the San Antonio strip, but having drunkards literally trying to kick your hotel door in at 6am really wasn’t the one. I mean we kept all our valuables in a safe, but I can’t sleep when people are attempting to break my door down. There was security at the main entrance at all times (although never saw them approach anyone even though there were people wondering around without wristbands and didn’t seem to get questioned and doing absolutely nothing about the door kickers at 6am). Other than this though, for 11 pounds a night, the hotel wasn’t too bad. We had cleaners every day. Like I said, not all bad. After spending a small fortune on 6 club nights out, we needed to cut the budget in other places.


Not being able to jump off the boat on the Pukka Up boat party. What the hell. Still, lots of drink and dancing made up for that.


Lack of sleep due to all of the above and having a cold pretty much the entire time.

The ‘got to be at least 60 years old, wrinkly leathery-brown tanned gentlemen in the handmade nut-holder strolling and posing on the beach’ guy. Seriously. People were getting pictures with him. I felt too… freaked to do that I guess. Plus, who would I actually show a picture like that to?

Till next time!
Gem x


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