Fall bucket list (Blogtober Day 5)

Love this time of year, the scarves come out, the boots come on and leaves covering the balcony every single day! Love it.

My bucket list this fall:

Carry on with Stoptober (packing in the cigarettes for October and hopefully for good for those of you not living in UK). Definitely have more energy and sleeping much better since quitting 5 days ago. Even managed a night on the town last night without one passing my lips. Was it hard? Yeah. For once though, I woke up not smelling like an ashtray and sounding like a 50 year old. Winner.


Carry on with Blogtober! Loving this challenge so much and meeting fellow bloggers along the way has been great. I think I’m up to 30 followers now, when it was only 3 when I started 5 days ago. Crazy!


Drinking as many Starbucks Caramel Hot Chocolates as humanly possible! Nom nom.


Getting the scarves and boots out! Especially this new oh-so-cosy scarf I bought from Primark which is just going to go with everything I own! Squee! (Please excuse the forehead wrinkles…)


Watching Some Girls and The Apprentice when they come back on TV later this month!


Kicking piles of leaves when no one is watching. Ssssh.

Oh, and exploring the sights of Edinburgh on a 3 day trip next week!

Till next time!
Gem x


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