Best and Worst Vacations (Blogtober Day 7)

I’m going to start things off negative here because I like to end things on a positive.

Thinking long and hard about this one but I think it definitely has to be when I went camping with Girl Guides. I can’t remember where we were exactly, but it was pretty much in the middle of no where. It was freezing. None of us could put up tents to save our lives. It hammered it with rain. Our tents got flooded and we had spiders and beetles crawling around. Girls were screaming and crying, having panic attacks. Parents were called. No one got any sleep. All I remember was trying to calm the other girls down even though I wasn’t feeling great either.
Morning came, the rain continued but everyone had calmed the fuck down. Yes, some girls did get picked up and didn’t wish to continue with activities but when daylight came, we knew we had survived and nothing worse could ever happen from now. A hot chocolate later, everyone was fine. Tired, groggy and wet, but fine.
Yeah, brill trip that was.

Another one has to be our family day trip to France (it was a cheap offer with the newspaper). What my parents failed to do however was a bit of research. Pretty much everything is shut on a Sunday. All I remember is going to a wine warehouse, popping across the border to Belgium (to say we had done it) and head back again. Exciting stuff right there.

The 5 month travelling trip me and a friend did last year. We covered New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and India. Highlight would have to be New Zealand just because that place is beyond stunning and met some awsome people over the 30 days we spent doing the Funky Chicken Kiwi Bus Tour. Oh, and Thailand cause some friends from home came out to see us and everything was super cheap (compared to Australia and New Zealand anyway). Oh, and getting off the beaten track and cycling through rice fields in Vietnam. I could go on and on…

In a way this trip has kinda screwed me over though because I just want to travel all the friggin time now. I’m even on a 3 day trip to Edinburgh as I’m writing this. I can’t control myself! I just want to see everything!

Till next time!
Gem x


3 thoughts on “Best and Worst Vacations (Blogtober Day 7)

  1. Your travelling trip sounds amazing!

    That’s funny about the girl guides camping trip. I went to brownie camp a few times and they were always in huts with bunkbeds so it wasn’t that bad. I remember going to a visit a fire station one year and then I couldn’t sleep because I was so scared the hut was going to get caught on fire. Paranoia. Some things never change.

    Corinne x

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