Best Halloween Memory (Blogtober Day 9)

OK OK I’m a day late I know, sue me, I was busy living life. Edinburgh is all kinds of awsome.

Anyhoo, best childhood memory of Halloween was going trick or treating with my cousins and coming home with literally bags full of sweets. I swear one time I had so much it lasted me until Christmas! Surprising really when my costumes usually consisted of a Tesco witches hat and a bin liner passed off as a cape.

Nowadays, since turning 18, Halloween has always been an excuse to go dress up in costume and have a good old night on the town. The best one of which was around 3 years ago at the Koko in Camden Town. A good group of us went, lots of Bulmers was consumed and some epic shapes (dance moves) were thrown out. The music was pretty rocking too if I remember rightly! Well, most of the pictures are of us belting the words out to epic rock ballards!




Till next time!
Gem x


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