I never thought blogging would… (Blogtober Day 10)

I never thought reading other people’s blogs would influence my thought processes so much. It’s given me more inspiration and passion to go out and do that thing people have been raving about, try products people have reviewed and makes me want to travel even more than I already do (seriously, it’s becoming an addiction).

I never thought anyone would be reading my blog, especially seeing as I’m a bit of newbie to WordPress and Bloglovin, but people seem to be reading it which is a good sign! I write this journal purely for me, to have something to look back on apart from just photos uploaded to Facebook. Writing real experiences, feelings and thoughts, because sometimes these mean more than just photos of good views.

I also never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do! I know I’m relatively new at getting back into it, but I don’t ever feel like it’s a chore to write… I actually get excited about what to post next!

Till next time!
Gem x


3 thoughts on “I never thought blogging would… (Blogtober Day 10)

  1. Reading other blog & interacting with like minded bloggers can not only be an eye-opening experience, but give you also incredibly much of the needed motivation. So keep on going and enjoy your blog 🙂

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