Advice, Recipe, Memory (Blogtober Day 12/13/14)

Does it still count as blogging every day if I do three posts in one? Probably not but here goes:

Best advice
Believe in yourself or no one else will.

Treat others how you wish to be treated.

Pretty self explanatory really, but ones that can easily be forgotten in the throws of life.

Fall recipe
I don’t really cook. I blame my Mum for not teaching me and partly myself by not being bothered to. Plus, I live with my brother who is gluten intolerant so usually cook meals for just me. When it is just me (99.9% of the time) I usually put on something straight from freezer to oven, pasta bolognese or ready meals when I’m at work.
Currently, my go to meal is chicken korma (Tesco style), sweet sweet potato with mince and chicken and coriander soup. Warms my soul.

Funniest childhood memory
I don’t remember much before the age of around 8, but it must of been around this age when I remember a trick that me and my cousin used play every time we had a party round our house or my Auntie’s house. When it got towards the end of the party we would pretend to go and play upstairs in our bedrooms or pretend to get our stuff to go home and then pretend to be asleep on the bed when we heard our parents calling us down to go home. Just so we could have a sleepover. This worked for about 2 years before we grew out of it and actually started staying up late with our family. Rebels.

Apologies for being short, sweet and three days late. I’ve been on night shifts whilst coming down with a full on cold and a case of Fall blues.

Till next time! *cough*
Gem x


5 thoughts on “Advice, Recipe, Memory (Blogtober Day 12/13/14)

  1. I remember literally SOBBING until my parents would let me sleepover at my cousin’s house – and then when they finally let me, I’d end up just knocking out after half an hour. Cute post!

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