Favourite Quote (Blogtober Day 15)

Ok, so I’m not religious in any sense of the word, but I came across a Buddha poster in a friends house 3 years ago and the quote on it has stuck with me ever since. More so than all the other common motivational quotes floating around nowadays.


I have a habit, as I’m sure most people do (particularly females) of reflecting on the past on what could have been, looking towards the future and realising you’re no where near where you expected to be by now (yet all your friends seem to be fine and cracking on with their life) and you end up getting yourself in SUCH a state at times that you get blind-sighted and just completely forget how far you have actually come and what you have achieved in life so far.

I’m going through one of these phases right now.. can you tell?

What this poster means to me though, is that you need to just stop being a little bitch and appreciate what you have now. Focus on what’s important right now and live today how today should be. Leave the past where it is (it’s there for a reason and funnily enough – it has actually lead me to a better life than I had before, however hard that is to believe at times) and don’t plan too far ahead as it’ll likely end up in disappointment. I’m not saying don’t have dreams and goals and go for what you believe in, but don’t put limits on what you should have done by what time and comparing yourself to others because you can’t control fate.

I hate fate sometimes, but also love it in the sense that I have no idea what is round the corner.

Till next time!
Gem x


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