I’m an expert at… (Blogtober Day 17)

I was going to sound really clever and say Blogtober, but seeing as I’m leaving it for a few days and then bulk posting in one day, i guess I’m not!

This does lead me onto, kind of, what I am actually an expert at!

I usually blame shift work on me not getting things done (partly true) but it’s also due to a skill that I have acquired without even realising I am awsome at it. That is my friends, procrastination!
This procrastination is so good, I have been up for 6 hours today (rolling out of bed around 12) I’ve got showered, got dressed and washed the dishes. Oh, and now writing this. In 6 whole hours. Tough day! In addition to this, I’m not even bored. I’m just happy doing sod all now and again. Especially following a shift from hell yesterday.
Days like this also mean that I usually have Friends on the TV, even though I know every episode off by heart and quote it daily. That’s probably why I quote it so often, because it’s a daily part of my life. Vicious but comforting circle 🙂 Sad? OK sure, but it’s my home comfort and wouldn’t be a day of procrastination if Friends weren’t involved.

Till next time!
Gem x


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