I have a secret… (Blogtober Day 18)

Nothing too personal here but just confessions and a few things that I deem are probably unusual to other people:

1. I have no idea what bra size I am. I haven’t been measured since I was around 17/18. I’m now 26. I’ve got a pretty good guess but should probably get checked properly at some point.


2. I only shave my legs if I know I’m going to be getting my legs out, for example summer dresses or sharing a bed with a potential love interest. What’s the point otherwise?


3. I have no idea what APR is or what is involved in mortgages or any of that financial grown-up stuff. Should probably read up on this if I’m going to start saving for a property in the near future! Need to get a move on being 26 and all.


4. I am an awesome person, but my God I feel useless at dating. Maybe it’s just online dating that’s making the concept rather awkward now. I just feel uncomfortable when guys message me cheesy romantic messages when I’ve not even met them. I find that quite odd and never know what to reply back. Would much rather check out matches and set up dates without the corny messages in between! Crack on and all that.


Till next time!
Gem x


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