Pet peeves (Blogtober Day 22)

I try to be quite a positive person and tend not to let the little things get to me, but there are a few things that make me grit my teeth under my grin:

– People patting me on the head like I’m their little dog. So belittling.

– People who make out how awesome they are all the time. You’re really not awesome. At all.


– Leaving empty loo roll in the holder. Or even worse, leaving just the most minuscule amount on it with the excuse that you could actually use such a small scrap of paper next time you wish to unload.

– People that spit in public. Eww.

– Screaming children on the bus whilst their parents just ignore it. Just please, please make it stop. I would like to be able to hear my own thoughts thank you, especially after a crazy day at work.

– People (namely tourists) issuing their IPads to take photos. Just put it away, you look ridiculous. Not to mention they tend to have no awareness of how much space they take up in doing so and the fact that a hundred other people are also trying to get a picture at the same time. Oh, and they don’t just take one, it’s got to be at least twenty.


Till next time!
Gem x


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