A letter to my younger self… (Blogtober Day 27)

Dear little Gem,

You may feel now as though you will only have one friend for the rest of your life. The only person who can stand to be near you at school, will meet you before school and whose house you stay at every Friday after school. But do not fear, in the next few years you will find the strength to ignore the bullies, move up to secondary school and try to start afresh. Some pupils will still try and bring you down, but you will learn deep down that these pupils aren’t worth being around anyway. Through not having a lot of friends in primary school, the ones you will make in secondary school will be for life. Believe it or not, ginger hair will actually become fashionable and you will get compliments on it all the time, so try not to wreck it too much with hair dye yeah?

When you move onto high school, along with the pressure of making friends, the worries of actually having a boyfriend or finding any boys that will talk to you will take over your mindset completely. This is normal for most teenage girls. However, you will fall pretty hard for someone that doesn’t feel the same way and it tears you apart that there is nothing you can do about it. Even though this goes on for the best part of 4 years, the closest friendship you will ever have will come through after all the pain. It will be hard to see at times, you will be blind-sighted by tears, but through all the pain will come pleasure in the end. From this you will learn to love yourself much more as a person and continue to make friends though college and even university!

You see little Gem, while life may seem pretty bad now… it’s all be worth it in the end.

Oh! Whatever you do, when the time comes when you are confronted to give up Tap lessons to join the Girl Guides, say NO! You WILL regret it and all those tap lessons will completely go to waste.

See you in twenty years. Stay strong and always follow your heart.

Me x



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