Yays and Nays #2

Wow. It’s been a month. Sorry about that. Been a busy month. Primarily work being hella crazy being the reason for that. Ahhh nursing..!

Recent Yays and Nays:


1. Things going really well with the new boy. Really well. He’s met the friends and got on really well. Now it’s just the family to meet *gulp*

2. Trip to Fez (Morocco) with one of my best friends. A very different city break, but well needed! Expect a blog post soon about the fascinating place.


3. Lots of Christmas catch ups with friends I haven’t seen in a while. This also adds to the reason as to why I haven’t had time to post. Barely any time to myself as of recent!

4. Seeing lots of comedians in the last two months! Lee Evans, John Bishop and Ross Noble. Funny times.

5. Pretty much having all my Christmas shopping sorted. Was having a bit of a panic as to what to get the boy (seeing as it’s only been 2 months) but seemed to have figured something not too much or too little. Christ knows what he’s getting me, if anything. I mean we’re still getting to know eachother likes/dislikes/general personality so who knows what he’s got up his sleeve.



1. Work has been all kinds of stressful. Ward has been full to capacity and everyone is being stretched to their limits. Even had a palliative patient whom I was looking after pass away on my shift two weeks back. That was a real toughie. Not just for me but the entire team. Even though it was expected, it’s still heart-wrenching. We did however try and make the process as calm as possible for the family during the most difficult time of their lives. I feel as though we did everything we could for them and they were so grateful for the support they had once it had happened. Even though it was sad, it was nice knowing that I could be there for the family at their time of need. Rewarding to an extent.

2. Literally not having time to myself due to work, social, social and love life. I mean all of these areas make my life what it is, but feel like I’ve not had enough me time over the last few weeks. Guess I won’t really get that till after Christmas and New Year is done.

3. It’s friggin cold! Too cold! If it’s going to be this cold it might as well be snowing! Do you wanna build a snowman??? YES!


Till next time!
Gem x


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