An almost traditional Christmas.

So this year was quite a different Christmas compared to previous ones. This one involved working. Night shifts. Which I’m still getting over now whilst trying to fit in catch ups with family and friends.

In all fairness, Christmas did still rock and here’s why:


Traditional Christmas Eve drinks and present exchange in the local pub. Love seeing all my close friends the night before Christmas and got some really lovely thoughtful gifts that nearly brought me to tears (and no it wasn’t due to the amount of drink consumed..!)

Then coming home to my parents house (I always sleep at home Christmas Eve) to find this at the end of my bed:

Me and my sister always open our stockings together Christmas morning. I guess some things will never change!

Check me out in my new reindeer onesie! Sooo cosy. Me and my sister actually got matching ones. Too cute.


A bit of Just Dance 2015 whilst dinner is cooking…

Feeling stuffed..!

Then it was time for a brief nap before getting ready for work 😦

To be fair, work wasn’t too bad. Well, the first night was ok anyway. The following two were pretty non-stop, hence why I’m still feeling tired now!
Still, it was nice being able to wear Christmas hats and eat copious amounts of cheese, crackers and chocolate in-between seeing patients. The milk kitchen was rammed with food. I mean rammed. Christ knows
who brought it all in but I reckon we’ve got enough for the next 3 months!



You’re probably wondering, what about the new boyfriend?
Well, I accidentally made him ill over Christmas (I had the flu last week and passed it onto him, naturally) meaning we couldn’t see each other. Then I was on nights. Then seeing more family. Then he’s had to work… so yes. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see him, but will definitely be spending New Years together to make up for it 🙂

Next post will be a Christmas Present Haul, cause I got some really cool gifts this year and can show them off now that I have a blog! Haha.

Till next time!
Gem x


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