Christmas Pressie Haul

Ok, like a lot of other bloggers out there, I don’t mean to be showing off all the cool stuff I got this year. I’m doing this post genuinely because I got some really thoughtful gifts this year and I would like to look back at this post and remember how grateful I am for all the lovely people and things I have in my life and to really show my gratitude and thanks for all the things I never expected to receive but did.

First of all, now I know a lot of people get copious amounts of smelly stuff for Christmas, but this year I got some really nice smelly sets and I can’t wait to use them! The Fuzzy Duck collection looks so luxurious I just want to make a bath and slather myself in body cream right now. That and the Ted Baker collection I’ve never used either, I don’t know what to use first! That is if I can bring myself to take them out of their pretty boxes. Definitely going to be using these as storage after because they’re so pretty!

Soooooo much chocolate, fancy hot chocolate and not to mention booze to get through! I even got a chocolate fountain for peets sake! Well thats one resolution I can definitely cross off my list for the next few months! Ok, in all honesty, I’ll probably demolish the lot within a month. I blame shift work!

I love getting books. It’s not the same as reading off a Kindle. Plus, these books are very ‘me’.

The horoscope book – I got in my stocking. I love reading horoscopes and because I don’t buy magazines anymore, I kind of lost touch in reading them. This book covers every single day for the next year so I can definitely see myself getting back into reading them quite easily.

The cookbook – also very me. Working shifts mixed and never been overly interested in cooking before, this book fits in perfectly around my crazy schedule. Every meal takes less than 30minutes and are easy to prepare. It means I get to experiment without putting too much effort and time into it. Sorted! This will definitely help with my New Years resolution of wanting to eat healthier and experiment more with cooking.

The Tinder Fails – pretty self explanatory. I experimented with using Tinder this year and it’s fair to say I had my fair share of dodgy and classic messages! This book just takes it to another level. Hey, it’s worked well for me so far, my current boyfriend I actually met through Tinder and is going well so far so it’s definitely not as bad as its cracked up to be, but this book sure gave me a few laughs!

The Travel Listography – This book has lists of every aspect of travelling (which if you haven’t guessed, I do a lot) and its a perfect way of me keeping track of where I’ve been, where I want to go next, best sites I’ve seen, best food I’ve eaten, favourite hostel/hotel… you name a list and its in there. It will be interesting to find out how many miles I’ve travelled all together when I finally get round to adding up all the trips I’ve done that I can remember!

The friendship book is from one of my closest friends along with the ‘Everything is beautiful’ notepad. We’ve been through a lot over the last… Christ has it really been 15 years?! Anyway, this book is so beautiful and thoughtful that it really stopped me in my tracks and very nearly had me tearing up. I’ve had a little nosey through it and just to show you how lovely this book is, here is one of my favourite quotes from it that sums up the friendship I have with the friend that got it for me:
“However rare true love my be, it is less so than true friendship”.
Cue sobbing.

Also a very personal present from a fellow spoon of mine (me and my two best girlfriends are the 3 spoons, little middle and big) was this personalised Christmas bauble! It’s handmade, has Peter Pan’s hat on one side and ‘Second star to the right’ on the other. Now that’s what I call effort! Yay baubles! Definitely tops the mini Zingy decoration (from EDF energy) I got last year.

Enough DVDs to get me over the next month or 3.

Cards Against Humanity card game – which if you haven’t heard of I strongly recommend for a good laugh! So long as you’re not a person that’s easily offended!

And last but by no means least, the rest!

Wall-E mug – I saw this whilst I was out Christmas shopping and was like ‘that is to friggin cute’. Then I got it for Christmas from middle spoon who didn’t even know that I had my eye on it a few weeks earlier. Guess she knows me too well! As soon as I made a tea in it, which was this evening, I just had to watch the film, which I’m doing now whilst watching this.

The ‘Better Call Saul’ Breaking Bad T-shirt. Too cool.

Minions Calendar – What other calendars are there to have really?

Chocolate Fountain – I can see myself having a good ol’ time with this bad boy. Sod marshmallows, I’m gunna stick my face in it!

Wedding photo booth photo – A picture taken at the wedding of the year. Nice to have something to remember this special day by. I can’t believe my friends are starting to get married and buying houses, what’s that about? When did everyone grow up? Anyway, enough of worrying about the future, this photo is pretty cool.

Oh, and few other things!:

The reindeer onesie as pictured in the previous post.

A beautiful necklace and earring set from my sister.

A cosy grey sparkly jumper from a college friend.

Also got money from my mum which will be going towards a new laptop as my one went bust a while back. Purple of course. Hello January sales!

I want to just say a huge thankyou to all my family and friends for an awsome Christmas. Looking forward to having a few too many drinks tomorrow night – I think I deserve it after working nights over Christmas after all!

Till next time!
Gem x

*This post may be edited as I haven’t yet seen the boy and apparently he’s got me a present too! Just a wee bit intrigued to say the least! I hope he likes what I got him too. It was hard to buy gifts for someone you’ve only got to know over the last 2 months, but I think I’ve nailed it. Here’s hoping!


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