Yays and Nays #3

Whoops, look at that, it’s been over a month again. Maybe I should just stick to a monthly Yays and Nays. Probably best.


1. New Years was a different one this year. It involved going to a friends house, with a few other friends, drinking copious amounts of booze, dancing to some banging tunes, playing board games and just chatting shit till 7am.
It was a nice change to going into London, paying extortionate rates for entry and drinks and putting yourself under pressure to have an awesome time seeing as you’ve spent pretty much £100 on a night out that’s just OK.




2. Discovering Yoga. I’m friggin loving it at the moment! I do it on my days off first thing in the morning – really wakes me up and gets rid of any muscle aches from the days before. Currently doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge by DoYouYoga over on YouTube. Each segment is only 15-20 minutes long so easy to fit into a morning routine.

3. Being Nurse In Charge for a few shifts on the ward and realising that I can do it. Turns out I’m pretty good at keeping my cool when things get hectic – which always helps.

4. 12 shifts left until I’m back in A&E! Plus, I saw my A&E boss the other day and she has offered me and another colleague to go an a HDU (high dependency/critical care) course in June, to which I actually said ‘hell yes!’ Study days that aren’t mandatory are like gold dust in the NHS so naturally i snapped it up there and then.
This, along with taking on more responsibility at work will hopefully lead me up to a Band 6 (senior staff nurse) in the near future – depending when a spot becomes available. Feeling pretty confident at work right now.

5. There was a period this month when I didn’t see the boy for over two weeks. Namely due to conflicting work commitments and illnesses etc. Which after a week drove me mental as he kept cancelling on me and the paranoid woman in kept going this isn’t on!/ what a douche!/ wait, is it all my fault?/ what have I done? and all that crazy stuff. To I which then put all this in a message and sent it to him.
Why isn’t this in my Nays?
Because he managed to make me smile again just a mere 3 messages later.
Sure, he was a bit taken aback at first and was all ‘what the hell’. He then reassured me that it was literally conflicting shifts and other stuff that have got in the way in between these and that this will probably happen from time to time and I shouldn’t be worrying *breathe and smiley face*
So that made me happy and put my paranoia to rest. He managed to do that in 3 messages. That’s got to be a first! Not even some of my closest friends can do that! Must. Stop. Being. Such. A. Woman.

6. Trip to Kraków booked for next week! Will be nice to share a hotel room for a change rather than a hostel dorm with 10 other people (not that I mind this when travelling solo).


1. It’s SOOO cold!

2. Still awaiting new car. My current one still runs so can’t complain really.

Can’t think of anything else!

Till next time!
Gem x


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