Yays and Nays #4

So February was a bit of an all-over-the-place month for me and literally passed by in the blink of an eye!

Here’s a round up of highlights and lowlights (?word) of the last month:


1. Taking a four day city break to Krakow, Poland which you can read all about here. It was a great little get away, with plenty to see and do in the area and surroundings over the four days. It was freezing though! Still, this was probably the cheapest city break I’ve ever taken. £100 for return flights and hotel stay and only spent a further £100 whilst out there. Bargain!


2. After a freezing cold city break and breaking up with the boy just after, i really needed another holiday getaway! Seriously, I can’t stop! So on a whim i booked a trip with my sister to Tenerife for a weekend of sun, sea and booze. My body is still paying for the heavy weekend but was well needed that’s for sure!

me and sam tenerife

3. Having the best Valentines day ever with my two best friends which you can read about here.


4. Finishing my six month stint on the ward i was rotated to (woohoo) and I’m finally heading back to A&E this week. I’ve missed it so much! There’s been a lot of changes happening and a lot more staff have been recruited in that time so hopefully I’ll still love it as much if not more than I did before.

5. Getting involved with the blogging community on Twitter through chats and link-ups. A great way to find like-minded bloggers! Some chats are really fast paced and hard to keep up, but getting the hang of it slowly.

6. Doing my first guest post for one of my favourite travel bloggers, Sara from Big World Small Me. You can check out the post and what I got up to in South East Asia over here.

passport 1182

7. A weird one this, but my ex of five years adding me back on social media. I was apprehensive at first as to why now he has decided to do this, but I’ve got to say, I’m glad he’s found it in him to be civil with me again and it’s actually been nice having little chats here and there and catching up.

8. Looking forward to another break in two weeks to Centre Parcs with friends for Charlie’s birthday. I can’t wait, it’s been four years since my last one so looking forward to some quality time with close friends and getting involved in as many activities as i can!

9. I get my new car next week, woohoo!


1. Having to break up with the boy I’d been seeing for 4 months. Still, it was for the best. I’m going to take some time out from the whole dating thing for a while for now – too much hassle and effort finding someone that’ll take you and appreciate you for who you are – that’s not too much to ask is it?

2. My sleeping pattern still being totally out of whack. I’ve tried everything i can (mattress toppers, pillow sprays, meditation apps the works) but still get up every 3 hours in the night like clockwork. It has been a tad better since coming back from Tenerife, but I think that’s probably because I didn’t sleep barely a wink in 3 days due to being up all night! Back on 4 night shifts from today so we’ll see how sleep goes then..!

3. Getting a parking ticket on my car. Bums. It was my fault, just a memory lapse, but trying to appeal it anyway 😉 fingers crossed.

4. Losing my iPhone at a club in Tenerife. Silly Gem. Still, I’m using an old HTC One for now which is doing me just fine. I could have gone through insurance and paid £100 excess, but when my upgrade is due in two months, what’s the point?

Ok March, show me what you’ve got!

Till next time!
Gem x


9 thoughts on “Yays and Nays #4

  1. Really lovely reading this post, I always enjoy these kind of month in review posts.Looks like an amazing holiday! And sorry to hear it didn’t work out with the guy you were saying, I think you’re wise not to focus on dating as for me as I’ve always met people when I wasn’t trying to find somebody and was focusing on other things. The one thing tht really struck with me was getting in touch with your ex – I got back in touch with my ex back in the Autumn and it was nice to reconnect and be civil. x

    • Thankyou, glad you enjoyed the post 🙂
      I feel a few weights have been lifted this month through ending it with the guy I was seeing and reconnecting in a civil manner with my ex.
      Im going to try and do monthly round ups so I can document the ups and downs of the year and year and have somthing to look back on at a later date do keep posted 🙂 x

  2. I’ve heard wonderful things about Krakow, although I’m not sure I could face a wintery mini-break there, it looks freezing in your photos!

  3. Love these type of posts! Looks like it’s been a bit of a up & down kinda month for you, yay for travelling and the bargain trip to Poland and then off to Tenerife. x

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