What I’ve been watching instead of blogging!

OK, so I’d like to say that I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks due to Netflix marathons, this however is not in fact the case. The last few weeks have been a bit all over the place – work/social/everything else wise and I’m slightly panicked that it’s mid March already. I mean, seriously?? It feels like yesterday I was writing out my New Years Resolutions and now here we are in the third month of the year!

I’ll stop rambling already. I have been busy though. So, sorry for that. I have managed to watch Netflix still though (not as often as I’d like) so here are some things I’ve been following pretty religiously at the moment.

Better Call Saul
A prequel to the Breaking Bad series, this series follows Lawyer James MGill trying to make his way in the world by helping out anyone he can in order to get a job. Literally anything. It still has a dark side to it with shady scenes of crime and violence, but i feel its a much more light-hearted affair than Breaking Bad was and James is a character that is very easy to warm to with his witty trying-to-hard humour and air of desperation. A bit slow to begin with, but really getting into it now. You can catch new episodes every Tuesday on Netflix (UK).


Bobs Burgers
An American animated series which follows the life of Bob Belcher and his family running a Burger Joint. The kids in this make the show what it is, especially Louise who is just hilarious, literally anything she says cracks me up. With all the family dramas and constantly coming across obstacles jepordising their business, it really is a great series to just stick on and chill out to after a long day at work.

How can I watch American Netflix I hear you ask? You can download Hola to your Google Chrome browser on your laptop (wasn’t compatible with my iPad) and hey presto, international browsing! Plus, your Netflix login is the same whether you use the UK or American Netflix. Winner.


This animated series follows the life of Sterling Archer (an international spy agent) working for ISIS – oh, and his Mum is the boss. He thinks and acts like a has-it-all/ know-it-all which as you can expect, lands himself and the agency in trouble again and again. The co-workers in the agency are also second to none, especially Pam, the assistant who is larger than life with a filthier mind than mine. Love it.


Harry Potter
I know, I’m only seven years late, but I’m finally making my way and enjoying the Harry Potter films. I guess when they were first released, I found out how many films there were going to be and kinda gave up by the third film (the Prisoner of Askaban). Now that I’m watching it solo, I’m really getting into it. Just finished the Half Blood Prince in which Dumbledore dies (OMGWTF right?) and just have the last two to go now. Eeeek! I kinda want to go to Primark and raid all the Harry Potter t-shirts and joggers they have on sale at the moment, but no, I must resist. At least until I’ve finished them all!


Pretty self-explainatory. It is a strange concept really – how watching families watch TV is classed as entertainment, but it works! It’s just so amusing watching people’s reactions to things on TV in the past week, be it news stories, documentaries or Saturday night shows like The Voice and Strictly. I think because you see the same people every week, you feel as though you get to know them as people and that chances are they are reacting to how you would be reacting to the same things on TV.

This will always be in my watch list. I literally come in from work, flick onto Comedy Central and oh look! it’s Friends! I probably quote the show at least daily it’s actually a problem… but it’s just so easy to watch! I think now I’m approaching my late twenties (WTF) it’s even more relatable than it was when i first starting watching it (probably around the age of 13 or 14) so yeah, this will always be a staple watch for me.

What have you been watching lately? Any recommendations?

Till next time,
Gem x


One thought on “What I’ve been watching instead of blogging!

  1. I still haven’t finished Breaking Bad (must get onto that, got the whole thing on Box Set!) but love the Saul character – I’m not on Netflix yet but we’re looking to get it when we have superfast broadband installed this summer, then I’m totally on this!! xx

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