Center Parcs Trip @ Elveden Forest

So last week rocked!

I spent it at Center Parcs in Elveden Forest celebrating one of my best friends 27th (ohmygodwe’regettingsoold) birthday! Even though it’s not our nearest, she wanted to go there as it’s where she went with her family a lot as a child and just wanted to spend time somewhere she loved. Fair play. It was only a two hour drive anyway, and with my new car (oh hellll yeah) the trip really wasn’t that bad!

Do you know what I got most excited about when we were planning the trip? How much i friggin’ miss riding a bike! It’s the little things huh? So yeah, we hired bikes for the week and sure got our fair share of use out of them cycling to and from our lodge.

Me being too cool

Speaking of which, our lodge was just… banging! 

It was so spacious (partly due to some people dropping out and us genuinely having more space) but we had a huge living/ dining room, a games room with pool table and PS3, an outside sauna (which we didn’t use but still pretty cool right?) and really spacious bedrooms, all with en-suites. Sweet as.

Our lodge for the week (and our bikes!)

Games Room!

Living/ Dining Room

Our first full day there was spent at the park’s Aqua Sana Spa and it was all kinds of oooooohhhhh and aaahhhhhhh.
I went for a back, neck and shoulder massage (well needed!) followed by full use of the spa facilities for 3 hours after! I don’t know what it is about massages (that and we ate breakfast at like 10am) but we got pretty peckish and had a bite to eat at their Vitale Cafe Bar. I had a flatbread filled with halluomi, vegeatbles and pesto. Nom nom nom!

Posing in our white robes!

We then went on to try out the other things the spa had to offer. This included trying out the reflexology footbaths and the 4 steam rooms on offer: The Lanconium, The Japanese Salt Steam Baths, The Turkish Hammam and Indian Blossom Steam Room. Although some of them were pretty hot (obviously) you could really feel your pores opening up and made my body feel truly detoxed! Then we used the spa pool (with Jacuzzi) to finish off our time here. Possibly the best spa experience I’ve had and was nice doing something girly and pampering on Charlie’s birthday – even the guys loved it!

For Charlie’s birthday evening, we went out for dinner at Bella Italia and it was oh so yum! Check out this cookie dough dessert i had! It was every bit glorious. I did feel proper full and uncomfortable for some time afterwards (we had starter, main and dessert) but so worth it!


So after this amazing meal we debated for a while over what other activities we wanted to do in the rest of our week here and eventually settled on a Roller Disco (the other all mocked me for this one but ended up jumping on board!), a Zumba and Kettlecise class, an hour of Ten-Pin Bowling and of course… using the awesome swimming pool they have!


Check us out rocking the knee, elbow and wrist pads too! Safety comes first people!

The Roller Disco was so much fun… and quite a workout if i may say so! None of us fell on our arses either, shockingly!

The Zumba class was pretty average, wasn’t as intense as the classes I’m used to, but they did have to cater for all ages and fitness levels and was a bit of fun anyway!

Kettlecise then followed, which i had never tried before, and I’ve gotta say, I loved it! I wasn’t expecting to do so many weighted squats, which in turn left my legs and arms aching for like 3 days after, but it was so worth it. I love to feel the burn! Plus, I’d never done it before I was pretty much expecting to ache like all hell after anyway! Need to see where i can do these classes in my local area for sure.

The pool was pretty awesome too (apart from the wave part which was pretty poor – but i guess there was a lot of young children so can see why). The best part though has to have been the outside rapids and the Cyclone ride where up to 4 of you sit in a dingy , get shot down a 45degree slide before being flung into an open part where you fly right up the sides! The first time was pretty scary as we didn’t know what to expect, but still went back on again and again!

Our evenings here were mainly spent drinking, snacking and playing pool, card and board games. Was so chill, just what we needed after a day full of activities!

Playing Cards Against Humanity

Trying to pose on the pool table.. and failing miserably!

So that pretty much sums up the awesome week! I had a really great time, not just doing all the activities and everything else, but just spending quality time away with friends. It doesn’t happen all that often anymore (work/life commitments etc) so was really nice to come away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend time with each other.
Till next time!

Gem x


3 thoughts on “Center Parcs Trip @ Elveden Forest

  1. Ah you were in my neck of the woods – Elveden Forest is my local Center Parcs! I’ve been for the day spa at Aqua Sana and it’s the most relaxing thing ever – we couldn’t get enough of the water beds outside on the balcony – it was so relaxing to drift off listening to the birds singing whilst all snug under the furs! xx

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