Yays and Nays #5

So, it’s the beginning of April already and I have somehow managed to blag a week off work thanks to a much needed shift swap (from Thursday to Tuesday due to a gig) which means I am now not back in work until next Wednesday night. Woop woop. Sometimes shift work does rock in that sense. A week off work without having to use any annual leave allowance. Get in.

Instead of jetting off on yet another European trip this time though, I thought it was long overdue that I use this time off to catch up with friends – especially those whom I haven’t seen since around Christmas/ New Year. So yeah, looking forward to this week a lot and I’m pretty booked up already.

Now before I get too busy being the social little butterfly that I am, here are my Yays and Nays from the last month:


1. I finally got my new car! Its a spanking new Peugeot 208 (black) and is literally sex on wheels. I love it so much. I was really cautious about driving it at first (never driven a brand new car before) but getting used to it now. I’ve already washed it twice, I just want it to stay as clean and new as possible!

2. A week spent in Center Parcs (Elveden Forest) for Charlie’s birthday. I had such a great time and enjoyed trying out different activities just because we could. We got to ride bikes (which I haven’t done in ages), try a Zumba and Kettlecise class, had a Roller Disco (with sexy arm, wrists and knee pads included) and a much needed spa day. Oh, and of course – epic swimming pool times. Read more about what I got up to here.
11069209_513058846646_152237874571495246_n 10410159_10153125687394337_5491000644970197326_n 11066816_10153125692454337_5713666187247519133_n 11018335_10152821613441523_8755404759624053796_n

3. I’m back working in A&E! Even though some of the shifts I’ve had have been pretty friggin’ chaotic, it feels good to be back. I’ve missed the chaos! The team here are what really make it though, no matter how bad the shift might be, everyone still remains really positive, everyone works together as a team and we just crack on with it. We’ve had some new paediatric nurses join the team too which has helped ease the load in a big way and taken some pressure off me being the only paediatric nurse on duty!

4. I hope I’m not going to jynx myself by saying this, but I think I’m finally starting to sleep better! I think I’ve worked out what the problem was too, it was my work! Since moving back to A&E and my work shifts being more go-go-go, I come home from work proper TIRED and ready to hit the sack. Before when I came home, I was going to bed because I felt like I had to but I wasn’t truly tired. This, along with, new bedding, a mattress topper and giving myself reading time for 20 minutes (with no phone, tablet or laptop distractions) before bed I think has helped things a lot.

5. I finished the Harry Potter films! I was so tense during the last film, literally sitting on the edge of the sofa and gawking at the screen for the better part of 2 hours! SO GOOD. Can’t wait to visit the Warner Brothers Studios in the near future!



1. Having a fair few ‘What’s the next step in my life?’ thoughts. Mainly the whole not knowing what it is I want to do next – in all aspects of my life. I just get a bit AAHHHH and start worrying about coming to a standstill and getting stuck in a dead end routine and not pushing myself to the next step. But when I don’t know what my next step is, how can I move on from this precise point in my life?? And breathe…
I think for now I’m just going to work as hard as I can (show my worth and try and move up in my career), save money (which hasn’t been going too badly to be honest), have more days out/ small trips in between shift work, and of course, keep in touch and see family and friends where I can. Hopefully, at some point, just doing this will lead me onto my next step.

2. It’s April and it’s pretty sunny, but it’s still so friggin’ chilly! What is this about? Surely it should be warmer than this? I’m sure at this point in previous years I’m already sitting in beer gardens with friends on the weekend. Sod doing this at the moment though! I hope this wind and rain die down for Saturday at least… got a day trip to Brighton planned!

(This was yesterday. Gloriously gorgeous, but still pretty chilly!)

So, that was March!

Apologies if I don’t get round to posting in the next week, my diary is looking pretty full!

Till next time!
Gem x



One thought on “Yays and Nays #5

  1. I’m still so jealous of your Centre Parcs trip! Totally with you on the weather side though, as sunny as it has been (not quite so much today for me!) it’s still so cold. I’m longing to get the sandals and summer dresses out! x

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