The longest weekend ever!

Ok, so I was off for a little longer than most people this Bank Holiday weekend, Wednesday-Tuesday to be exact and it was an awesome one filled with friends, good times and sunshine!



Was spent doing all the typical household type things (food shopping, cleaning etc) that had been neglected in the week prior. I was glad to get this all banged out in one day so I could enjoy the remainder! Still, I got to soak up some of the glorious weather from the flat! It was still pretty chilly though, so didn’t feel too bad about spending most of it inside!


I also came across these CHEAP flights to Copenhagen thanks to Holiday Pirates and booked them up pretty much instantly. The £5 flights were actually available on dates I had off from work (shock horror) and knowing that I’m working a lot of weekend days next month, I booked these on a whim so it wouldn’t seem so bad! I know Copenhagen can be quite expensive once there, but I am only there for 2.5 days so hopefully won’t burn too much of a hole in my purse!


I went to gig that myself and a friend had been waiting a long to time to come around. The Subways at Sheperds Bush Empire in London! The setlist was too awesome, a real mix up of new and old songs… just flawless! They really know how to put on a show. Haven’t stopped listening to their new album since!


A night out for a Charlie’s sister’s 19th Birthday! Many drinks were consumed and laughs were had, despite actually only being at the Scala for Facedown (a rock music night) for just over an hour. It had taken us super long to get there with the train disruptions so had to sit on the Piccadilly line for a goooood hour and then queuing to get in the venue following that. Still, it was nice to have a few drinks, catch up with friends and rock out to some belters before heading back at 1am. We would have stayed later but some of us had work (not me!) and some of us had to be up the next day to head to Brighton (me!)

Me and my two best friends headed to Brighton for the day! We mainly spent the day casually shakaway-ing and shopping to our hearts content. I love the shops down there, they’re so original and I managed to get some pretty unique bits and pieces!







I managed to find a Peter Pan Annual from 1968 (I’m a massive Peter Pan fan incase you didn’t know..!) in a random comic/book store and I literally went proper googly-eyed and squeeled like a child when I came across it! It’s filled with short stories and games and is just so adorable. Best of all? It was £3. Madness!

I also fell in love with this lightweight blazer jacket I found in Collectif (a vintage clothing store). I know the picture is quite dark, but it does look a lot better in daylight than on my bed! Its blue & green check and fits like a glove! Plus, it was reduced from £62.50 to £15. Bargain!

Lastly, I picked up a couple of homeware-type bits, including this drinks coaster which is me to a tea (geddit?)



Quick stroll along the seafront (it was a tad chilly!) before calling it a day heading back home 🙂


A catch up with Uni friends down the pub. Had a good old chin-wag and reminisced for aaaages about Uni times. Hard to think that we all met a whole 8 YEARS ago now.  Wowzers. We ended up eating dinner and dessert here and I don’t mean to be an insta-holic but I just had to take a photo of this desert. Tell me what you think it looks like..!


Yeah. My thoughts exactly! Still, I nommed it up anyway, was pretty good!


IMAG0097 (2)

IMAG0101 IMAG0103

Check out that temperature! Amazing! Was stuck for something to do and just HAD to get out of the flat, so Charlie kindly invited me to hers and helped her out with some baking (whilst also teaching me on the side). Ended up making some Vegan Carrot Cupcakes and Easter Themed Cupcakes for her work colleagues (although ended up making a couple spare for ourselves) and also cooked some choc-chip cookies after that. Was nice spending the day with her and felt good to actually make something. Now I just need to be more experimental and practice my new skils at home!

Tuesday (today)

My last day off! I’m currently spending it soaking up the sun, reading, blogging, and watching TV. Perfect!


Having these days off has been really good for my soul. Just taking the time to chill out and do things I really love. I’ve also had a good chance to think about what I want to do in the next year or two with my life and working out an achievable way of getting there so my head is a lot clearer now. It feels good to say that I am the happiest I’ve been in a LONG time. 🙂

How was your Bank Holiday weekend?

Till next time!

Gem x


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