How to be productive when you’re bored as.

Ok, so it’s your first day off in what feels like forever and if you’re anything like me, I hate wasting days away just because I’m tired. Ok, half a day I can probably manage, but after that I get an itch like I just have to do SOMETHING productive by the end of the day otherwise I’ll feel like a lazy slob. This doesn’t help when you live by a canal and constantly hear and see runners going full pelt. I mean, seriously? It’s a Sunday. Chill out.

Anyhoo, I’ve compiled a list (none of which I have actually done today by the way – this blog post is about all I have the energy for) of things you can do to make yourself feel a little less like a lazy ass slob.

Which if you’re like me, once I start, I can’t stop. I’ll start by changing my bed sheets. Then dusting. Then after dusting, of course you have to hoover. And once you’ve hovered, you realise the bathroom is pretty minging and go to town on that, and boom, two hours have passed already. I find cleaning very therapeutic too. Clean and tidy flat, clean and tidy mind (well, maybe not a clean mind.. but you get the jist).

Sort that wardrobe!
It’s probably been busting at the hinge for some time and now it’s got to the point where you can’t even see what you have anymore. You continue to wear the same outfits for weeks on end when you actually have a lot of variety in there. It’s time to throw out any items that are worn to death or you just don’t see yourself wearing in the next year. Just throw it. Do it! (Ok, if its in decent nic, charity it instead) but just get them out of sight! I can also GUARANTEE there’s an item of clothing in there that you bought because you fell in love with it, but haven’t had the opportunity or mind set to match it with an outfit. Just pull it out and wear it. Even if it doesn’t go with anything else right now, you can use it as your new ‘staying in the flat’ top and finally get rid of those really over-worn primark tops and knits.

IMG_0090 (2)

Sort those toiletries!
Being typical girl, I have a fuck-ton of toiletries. 3 cupboards full to be exact. I still have toiletries from Christmas that I really want to use, but still have previous ones on the go. Again, it’s time to get real. Anything that hasn’t been used in six months, just bin it! If you haven’t used it in the last six, you’re probably not going to use it in the next six. Same goes for make up – old make up is just nasty.


Sort your kitchen cupboards!
I bet there’s something in there past its sell by date or an impulse food buy you bought when you were hungry in Tesco. Eat it or bin it. Then organise your cupboard into sections (soups, cereals, herbs etc) so it’s easier to see what you’ve got so you don’t go by duplicates – especially if you’re like me and are not very adventurous when it comes to meals and tend to stick to staple food items.

IMG_0089 (2)

Listen to an album in your collection that you love but haven’t listened to in TIME.
Extra production points if you do this whilst doing one of the above.


Message a friend you’ve been meaning to for ages
Self explanatory one here.

Review your finances
Log into online banking and have a good look through your statements. Are you meeting your Savings goals? If not, why not? Are you spending money frivolously on things that aren’t necessary – the cheeky Starbucks brekkie you have on the way to work, the impulse online buys you do when you’re feeling down? Review your Direct Debits. Where possible, try and plan for big expenses that you expect will happen in the next year so you don’t fall short when the time comes to paying for them.

Review your weekly/ monthly/ yearly goals
Are you achieving what you set out to achieve from your new year resolutions. If not, why not?

Plan your next adventure
Always an enjoyable task and it will give you something to look forward to!


Self Care
Trim your nails and paint them. Take a soak in the bath. Sort your eyebrows out. Exercise.

And once you’ve done all that…

Catch up on a TV series you’ve been meaning to watch. Read a new book (or finish the one you’ve started). Check out some blogs and leave comments.


And finally…

Have a well earned cup of tea.

Hope this was helpful!

Till next time!
Gem x


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