Travel Link Up: Things I’d never do again whilst travelling

Just found out about this great travel blog link up hosted by Emma, Kelly, Rebecca and co-host Shikha and being a wannabe travel blogger, thought I’d jump on board!

So this month’s post is ‘Things I’d Never Do Again Whilst Travelling

Got to admit, there’s a fair few!

1.  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS pack some sort of sun protection

Being a pale ginger, i can get burnt in 5 minutes when it’s only 15 degrees outside and not even warm. Copenhagen recently proved that. Those rays were deceiving! Even after a week of returning, I’ve still got a bright red stripe across my forehead and shiny nose to pack. Not a great look when you’re nurse who is supposed to look professional in her role.

2. And wear it. Even at 4pm in the afternoon on your last day 
On holiday in Tenerife a few years back, I was being really sensible the whole holiday and plastering the SPF30 like nobodys business. That was of course until the last day before our evening flight. I thought to myself ‘Oh, I really want at just a BIT of colour before i get home’. I mean I’m pretty sure i was actually whiter than what i was before leaving the UK 7 days prior. So we went sunbathing 4-6pm then got ready for our flight home. Big mistake. Again, it wasn’t particularly hot and it was pretty windy so didn’t notice myself getting scorched. Horrendously.


The flight home was the worst I’ve ever had. THE most uncomfortable 3 hours of my life. Every part of me was red. Legs, arms and shoulders obviously being the worst hit. Having to sit in a tiny plane seat and then carry a heavy backpack on my shoulders. Just horrendous. Too make matters worse, my partner at the time started vomiting on the plane from heat stroke and day old pasta re-heated before the late flight home. We looked a right pair, we really did. Never again.

3. Leave your passport on your plane seat after disembarking.
Way too much unnecessary hassle. I had to go through additional security checks on my return, give another proof of ID and wait for the aircraft to be cleared out completely (which took a good 30 minutes) before a member of ‘air-side’ crew could go back on and look for it. Thank goodness it was actually still there and I managed to get through the rest of security fine after that, but still at the time whilst waiting, was totally having a mass panic and thought I was going to be arrested for entering the country illegally and all the rest of it. So again, never again.


4. Take a 5 day trip with someone you’ve been dating for 3 months.
Needless to say, by day 2 of the trip, I’d had enough. Really wasn’t the guy I thought he was. You really get to know someone when you’re with them 24/7. This said, I still cracked on and saw and did everything I wanted to do whilst I was there. I mean, it would have been more hassle and even more money to change hotels, flights and activities, so instead I just grinned and beared it for the remaining three days there.
I’ve got to tell you, taking a trip with someone and spending 24 hours a day with a person you don’t like is mentally exhausting. Never again. Or if I do, keep the first trip within the UK so i can just easily peg it home!

What have you done on your travels that you would NEVER do again? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Till next time!
Gem x


7 thoughts on “Travel Link Up: Things I’d never do again whilst travelling

  1. Haha, this post is great! Loved the one about going away with someone you haven’t been dating for very long – that was brave of you though I can feel your pain if you realised early on that he wasn’t for you! Sunburn seems to be a recurring theme in some of the posts in this link up!

  2. I’ve nearly left my passport on the flight too many times to count – it’s a terrible hazard! The worst mistake I’ve made was tucking it under our mattress in Italy (in liee of a safe). It was so safe even I forgot about it!

  3. I almost never use suncream as I’m mixed race… last year in Egypt was the first time I burned. Day 1 I was completely peeling, it was crazy! I came back looking like a lizard or something. Never again. x

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