Cracking Copenhagen! (Picture Heavy Post)

Ok, so I actually went to Copenhagen a month ago now, but I’ve had a lot going on in my life to sit and right an awesome blog post about it properly, because it was that. Just awesome.

As mentioned in previous posts, I managed to bag some £5 flights to Copenhagen. I mean, a fiver! Each way! Come on, that is MAD! It actually cost me more to park my car in Luton Airparks for 3 days, but whatever!


I flew out early morning on Sunday morning, and like most tourist attractions on a Sunday, a fair few things were closed. Not to fret! After some research I hopped onto a 40Krone (£4) canal tour of Copenhagen which really was a great way of getting my sightseeing off with a bang.

DSCN8076 ^^ Where our tour started – next to Holmens Church and opposite the House of Parliment

DSCN8084 Nyhavn Harbor 

On our first stop we passed by the oh so pretty Nyhavn harbour which was full of locals and tourists enjoying a bite to eat and drink in the glorious weather. Musical street performers lined the street and just filled souls with all kinds of wonderful. But more on the beautiful harbour later. Across from Nyhavn harbour and central Copenhagen we got to see the magnificent Opera House, Royal Naval Base and part of Christianshavn.

An old aircraft hanger converted into luxury apartments. Stunning. Wonder how much they cost..!

DSCN8091 Opera House

DSCN8111 Royal Naval Base

DSCN8100 Entrance to Amalienborg Palace

Further north from central Copenhagen (I’m glad I didn’t choose to walk up there to be honest as this would have taken up some serious sightseeing time!) was the famous bronze Little Mermaid sculpture by Edvard Eriksen – illustrating one of Hans Christian Andersen’s most loved fairytales.

DSCN8108 The Little Mermaid Statue

A statue of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ standing in front of the Royal Cast museum

DSCN8114 Copenhagen Warehouses 

DSCN8118 Nomadic Greenhouse

After the canal tour I spent the next 2 hours or so just wandering the streets of Copenhagen, getting a taste of what I wanted to see on Monday and Tuesday before I was just completely wiped out (I was up at 04:15am to be fair!) and decided to go for a nap back at the hostel.

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament

Stock Exchange


Woke up at a decent hour and headed to the town hall where I joined the Sandemans New Europe Free Walking tour. I love love love these walking tours, the guides are always so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the city and tend to cover all the main sights with a brief history behind each of them. Our tour guide Maria was amazing, a fellow ginger like myself, and just clicked with her straight away! She very almost convinced me to move to Copenhagen myself… however thinking about it now, I would definitely need to learn Danish in order to work there. Effort! Plus, I’ve just got a new job here in the London, so that’ll probably be put on hold indefinitely!

The tour itself covered the majority of Copenhagen’s sights, including the history behind each of them. This included the Houses of Parliament, Stock Exchange, Nyhavn Harbour, National Theatre, Opera House, Hotel d’Angleterre (the most expensive hotel in Copenhagen) and Amalienborg Palace. We also got a historical insight into the works of Hans Christian Andersen and his struggles in becoming an established author. Quite an extensive tour to say the least!

Our walking tour group

Hotel d’Angleterre (the most expensive hotel in Copenhagen..!)

Amalienborg Palace

Following on from the tour, I then decided to check out the Rundetårn (Round Tower) which is a 17th-century tower located in central Copenhagen. It is one of the many architectural projects of Christian IV and was built as an astronomical observatory. For a small fee, you can enter the tower which had an art exhibits in some of the rooms on the incline up the spiral, but as I’m not a huge art fan, just decided to climb straight up to the top in attempt to get some epic views of Copenhagen.

Outside the Rundetårn

 DSCN8147 DSCN8151
The view from the top of the Rundetårn

In the evening, I met up with a friend that I had met whilst travelling in Australia back in 2013 who lives in Copenhagen. It was so good meeting up again and catching up on the last two years! A real highlight of my trip here. After an ice cream by the harbour, followed by an EPIC buffet dinner, it was time to call it a night.


My flight home wasn’t until the evening so still had a good few hours of Copenhagen to explore. To which I decided on taking a stroll over to the freetown of Christiana.
Christiania was founded in 1971 when a group of hippies took over abandoned military barracks along the Christianshavn canals and developed the area to an alternative society with own set of rules, independent of the government.
Me being the numpty that I am, I didn’t look on a map prior to heading over there whereabouts the ‘real’ Christianshavn was – the sketchy side where there are stalls selling illicit drugs and alternative graffiti art splashed across building walls. What I ended up seeing however was the more ‘normal’ side of Christianshavn – where the pretty canals were and the Church of our Saviour were. I did wonder at the time what all the talk was about – then realised once I was home that I just hadn’t walked into it far enough and should have used the second entrance to it. Nevermind. I will without a doubt be returning to Copenhagen and will make sure I do it properly then!

After walking for the best part of 2 hours I thought the best and only thing that was left to do was to sit in Nyhavn harbour, soak up the great weather, listen to the street performers and take some more pretty photos of the harbour (seriously couldn’t get enough!)

‘The’ postcard shot of Copenhagen

I think it is safe to say that I am glad I took the plunge and grabbed those last minute £5 flights because boy, I just absolutely fell in love with this city and will definitely be returning!
Till next time!
Gem x


2 thoughts on “Cracking Copenhagen! (Picture Heavy Post)

  1. hello, it’s Maria the red head guide 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the tour!!

    This article is awesome, I love reading about people enjoying my favourite city! And your pictures are gorgeous!

    Let me know when you come back, I’ll buy you a beer for the wonderful review 🙂


    • Hey Maria!
      Glad you liked the review. Had a really great day on the tour – despite managing to get a burnt forehead. I know – pathetic right!?

      Didn’t realise you blogged too. I’m now a fellow follower on your Facebook page. Looking forward to hearing about more of your travels!

      Take care and will definitely take you up on that offer when I return to Copenhagen!

      Gem x

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