Review: The Kettle Shed 

I recently saw an opportunity from The Kettle Shed on Twitter to review some tea, so naturally being British and such a tea lover – I jumped at the chance!

I chose to trial the ‘Bang On Breakfast’ – their strong black tea. I chose the fuso bags over the loose tea leaves as I’m usually in a rush in the mornings to be fiddling around with leaves and tea strainers!

What I noticed first about the tea, was the packaging. Very neat with a classy look. The box which also has a handy flap on the back of the box to help keep the tea fresh.

The fuso bags are biodegradable and also super strong as opposed to the mainstream paper tea bags prone to tearing – so no bitty tea which is great!

To brew the the tea it recommends leaving the bag in the cup for 3 minutes, which I did, then added a dash of milk and spoonful of sugar (milk and sugar being a personal preference!)

I found the tea had a strong kick to it, quite a twang to normal black tea (Tetley, PG Tips etc) as it blends Assam, Sri Lankan and Chinese Keeman Black Tea in each bag – that being said – it was easy to accustom to and I have been replacing these with my normal morning tea since receiving them. It really does help perk me up in the mornings – I can’t function without a morning brew – so pleased that this tea still did the job!

The only thing I would say about it is that for £3.99 for 15 fuso bags, it is quite expensive for black tea. That being said, it does blend 3 different types of black tea, the quality of the tea and bags themselves are good and for each purchase made online, they donate tea to homeless shelters across the UK – spreading the love of tea!

I enjoyed trialling the Kettle Shed tea. I’m intrigued to try the Carrot Cake flavour next as that just sounds yummy and something completely different!
Thanks again to The Kettle Shed for allowing me to trial their products!
Till next time!
Gem x


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