Travel Link Up: Souvenirs

Welcome to June’s Travel Link Up!

This month is all about travel souvenirs – like them, love them or loathe them – you can’t travel somewhere without picking up SOMETHING from the country you’re in.

I mean come on you might NEVER COME HERE AGAIN/ SEE IT ANYWHERE ELSE/ IT’S A ONCE IN A LIFETIME BUY! Luckily I’ve now grown out of this mindset (unless of course it is a genuinely unique item…).

I used to buy all kinds of crap for family and friends as a kid on my summer holibobs. You name it, I’ve bought it – from snow globes with camels in, necklaces with friends names in, multi-coloured sand in a bottle (OMGTHATSAMAZINGHOWDOTHEYDOTHAT!?!). Yeah, the real tacky stuff.

Nowadays, most of my trips are small city breaks and I tend to only take hand luggage with me to save on baggage costs. I still get souvenirs for people, but these tend to be set,  small and inexpensive items that I get friends, family and even as keepsakes for myself. It makes the whole souvenir shopping ordeal much less hassle and MOST places tend to have shops with what I’m looking for, which saves me so much time trapsing in and out of tacky touristy souvenir shops.

My Souvenir List for trips is as follows:



Me and my two best girlfriends are known as the spoons. I think this ‘spoon’ reference came about a few years ago and we were talking about who of us would be where if we were to spoon each other. So I’m little spoon,  Charlie is middle spoon and Kyli is big spoon. Cheesy? Pretty. It’s just something that’s stuck with the three of us – we even have spoon tattoos. Yeah, commitment! Since this spoon thing came about, travel souvenirs became so much easier to buy for them! Whenever any of us go somewhere without the other spoons, we bring back a spoon for eachother. Above is my collection so far – including the wooden travelling spoon Middle made for me when I went on my 5 month round-the-world trip in 2013. So sweet!


  Hand of Fatima from Morocco 

  The famous Las Vegas sign

Gondola Keychain with bottle opener 

These are something I tend to get for myself. I try and avoid the tacky keychains and buy ones that are sturdy and practical, like this one from Venice with a bottle opener on the end. It sure has come in handy!



I don’t tend to send postcards anymore – but instead I keep them in my travel memories  box. It’s a nice reminder of the places I’ve been and again, small and light enough to fit plenty in hand luggage!

Shot Glasses

These are for my brother. He has a pretty extensive shot glass collection. These are just a few of them..!

What do you tend to collect on your travels? Anything similar, completely different or totally unique – I’d love to know!
Are you a keen traveller like myself? You can get involved in the monthly travel link up too!

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Just pop your post up over the first week of the month (the 1st – 7th June), add it to the link up widget found on either Emma’s, Kelly’sRebecca’s blogs from the 1st June. 

Till next time!
Gem x


9 thoughts on “Travel Link Up: Souvenirs

  1. I used to be a souvenir kinda gal but then moved a number of times and all those souvenirs remained packed in boxes. Now the reformed me shops for more practical items that I use on a day to day basis and have a whole set of memories that go with the item …. e.g the necklace I have on I bought for my 50th birthday present while on summer holiday in Portpatrick in Scotland with my gorgeous sister in law her family and my family. I remember the quaint little coffee shop I bought it from that also sold items made by local people etc etc.

    You start to see the picture – I have story behind my handbag, earrings, hat, boots, coffee cup that I have used today. Even the tube of hand cream I currently have in my handbag. Usable and practical mixed with memories and experiences.

    The bonus to this is when that scarf or handbag is looking a bit tatty or the coffee cup gets broken…… it is a built in reminder it is time to book another sojourn.

    Happy travels… your blog.

  2. I love that you have spoon tattoos, I think that’s brilliant! I used to collect keyrings as a kid but no longer do I think now I tend to go for different things that remind me of the place I’ve visited. From Japan I brought back a whole load of stuff that I’ve been using in day to day life which has been quite nice! x

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