Yays and Nays #8

So… June surely was eventful!

Not so much in the ‘really busy’ sense, more in the life changing sense. It’s been a pretty good month and here’s how it panned out…

Leaving Work

I finished work at my local hospital. Very sad to be leaving such an amazing team, but it was definitely needed for career progression. On my last day they called me out from the unit I was in – thinking they were going to give me hugs and a card or something – but oh no. They had large syringes of water at the ready round the corner and well and truly soaked me through! One of them even threw a bowl of water over me after just to really finish me off! What made it even more shocking though was that it was done inside, so the corridor was absolutely soaked..! After standing there  in shock for around five minutes I went on a mad hunt for scrubs to go home in..!

To be fair, they sure did make it up to me on my leaving do. A very drunken night was had and got some lovely presents from the team. It was nice seeing everyone outside of work (never happened when I worked there) and I’m sure after that, it won’t be the last..!

Trip to Rome 

Not so much of a ‘planned holiday’ trip per say, more a trip with a friend for moral support… but we made a 3 day trip out of it nonetheless!

After doing business that needed to be done, we had some well needed cocktails in The Drunken Ship, had a few SCRUMMY gelatos and saw the Colosseum just, well… when in Rome right? The three of us had all been to Rome before and covered the standard areas, so we just stuck to this attraction and exploring what was around us this time around.

Moving Back Home

Following my job offer, I decided it was easier if I moved back home to my parents place. It’s easier for my new job commute, it’ll help me save quicker for house deposits and it’s closer to friends from home. It was nice living with my brother, but it’s about time I gave him his own space too.

I’ve got to say it’s been nice living back at home, even if mum can get a bit nosey, but it’s only cause she worries about me and loves a bit of gossip..!

Days out this month

Harry Potter Studio Tour – which you can read about here

RAF Northolt Centenary Open Day – which you can read about here

Weymouth Break

Prior to starting my new job, I had around 2 weeks off work (including the trip to Rome and the odd bank shift thrown in) and with a few days left spare, I decided to make the most of it by taking myself down to what feels like my second home – Weymouth.

I spent two full days down here where I explored Weymouth town and the historical town of Dorchester.

In Dorchester I came across the CUTEST second hand shop/ tea room – Re Loved. It was so cute, old, quirky and British and decorated in a way that gives it a great cosy atmosphere. They had a selection of sandwiches and cakes to choose from (and tea of course!) all freshly prepared and the waitresses were very attentive. I spent around an hour in here taking my time enjoying the tea and the atmosphere after a long days shopping.

It was lovely just spending some quality time away with myself prior to…

Starting my new job!

So far I’ve just completed my induction week here, but I’ve got a good feeling about working here. Nurses here take on much more responsibility here and are able to do a lot more useful clinical tasks such as prescribing PGD medications and venepuncture (taking bloods). From what I have been involved in and observed so far, it seems to help the A&E department flow much better so patients aren’t waiting around for doctors to make the initial decision on treatment. I’m in a more senior role here so I’m looking forward to really pushing myself and proving what I can do by showing my experience from my last 5 years of nursing.
Knowing a few people there prior to starting surely has helped too and feel like I’m settling in well so far… fingers cross it continues!

(I do have some more gossip to share, but don’t want to jinx it just yet so i’ll save that for July’s Yays and/or Nays…)

Here’s to July!

Till next time,
Gem x


3 thoughts on “Yays and Nays #8

  1. Aww so much going on – that super soaking must have come as such a shock! Too many gorgeous pictures to comment on all of them, but suffice to say this was a lovely round up. Can’t wait to hear your July gossip now!! xx

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  2. I’m so excited by this post as I’ve been to that place in Dorchester!!! Dorchester was one of the places I went on tour earlier this year and I spent a very nice afternoon in that exact cafe, using the wifi and catching up on work. Small world! It’s a really lovely place isn’t it 🙂 I’m glad that the new job is going well – well done! X

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