Travel Link Up: My Travel Personality 

So for this months travel link up, its all about the different types of traveler personalities.

As of recent years (since my epic 5 month trip in 2013) I would say my personality towards travel is the cheesy cliche ‘YOLO’ approach to travel and I literally try to squeeze a sneaky trip somewhere whenever humanly possible. Seriously, if I’m not flying somewhere at least every 3 months or so I start to get panicky!

Finding out about Holiday Pirates for last minute deals and Ryanair and Wizz Air having some stupidly cheap flights has really helped me in this Wanderlust problem of mine (I mean I got flights to Copenhagen for £5 each way!) and by staying in hostels when travelling solo – most city breaks I do don’t really break my bank at less than £200 for a 3 day trip abroad.


Once I’ve decided on a destination, I do try and be more organised by picking out at least three must-do things to see, do or eat so I don’t miss something obvious whilst I’m out there. I plan these things in, then fit whatever else takes my fancy in around them.

I hate wasting time so I do tend to try and cram in as much as I can in a small trip, however I am trying to be a tad more laid back now as I have before ended up more stressed from rushing around like a lost tourist rather than actually enjoying my break..!


In August I’ll be heading out to Malta, which I haven’t been to in years with my family. I haven’t done a ‘hot summer family pool/beach holiday’ in a while, so will be interesting to see if I’ll actually relax there, or try and cram all the sights that I haven’t seen in six years in again..!

What’s your travel personality? I’d love to know!

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Till next time! 

Gem x 


2 thoughts on “Travel Link Up: My Travel Personality 

  1. Interesting to read! I have to say, I don’t think I have a travel personality – I just take any opportunity that comes up for travelling. I just have a list of places I’m working my way through to visit! X

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