The Good Brownie Co.

So on Monday I got to attend my second ever blogging event!

Arranged by The Bloggers Hub – it was The Bloggers Food and Drink Festival and was held in the very tropical Kanaloa cocktail club in Chancery Lane.

It was much more of a PR based blogger event as opposed to a social blogger one, but had a blast talking with a few bloggers and many many food and drink brands. There was a real variety of brands at the event – some relatively new just starting out and some more established ones – all of whom were very passionate about their products and were very generous in allowing us to try and take home some samples to try and taste test!

The first one I had to try was of course a pretty decent sized brownie from The Good Brownie Co, because duh, its chocolate!

The Good Brownie Co was founded by David (and his wife) and his love for baking brownies! It all started a couple years ago when David went around Camden Market giving out free samples for the public to try and see their response. After a great response, they have now grown pretty fast and now bake morning and evening, and deliver around the offices of the London area Monday – Friday.

For a brand that is quite small, it was amazing to see the variety of brownies they actually had to offer – a full list of which can be seen at They can also cater for certain types of allergies as all brownies are made to order and are all wheat and gluten free!

I know what your thinking… wheat and gluten free… that must mean it’s really dry and bland… but my gosh it was far from it! I’ve got to say (and I’m not just saying this because it was a free sample and I promised a review) but the brownie I had (honeycomb) was one of the most moist yet light brownies I have ever had and was so flavoursome. I had my brownie two days after the event and took it to work with me and it still tasted so fresh. Although very chocolatey and the honeycomb obviously quite sweet, it wasn’t too heavy or sickly at all. It was just the perfect brownie consistency.

Unfortunately, as I was at work I completely forgot to take a photo of it before devouring it in the space of around 2 minutes! So instead, here was the simple yet very practical packaging it came in! The little cardboard box it came in was handy and pretty sturdy too and it managed not to get completely smushed in my work rucksack. Winner!

You can check out some of the mouth-watering photos – check out their Instagram page

If you live and work in the London area and are looking to host a party, treat your friends or impress your work colleagues, I would most definitely recommend getting some of these brownies in! They’ll go down a storm and will definitely make you the office favourite!

To check out the range of flavours and options available to order, go check them out over at

Thanks once again David for being so generous and allowing me to trial your amazing brownies and will most definitely be looking into placing some orders soon!

Till next time!

Gem x


3 thoughts on “The Good Brownie Co.

  1. I got to sample the honeycomb brownie and though I am not usually a dessert person this was one was amazing! Also it is nice to purchase from such a lovely couple.


    • Yeah I really felt the passion these guys had for their product too, it shows in the brownies for sure!

      I was actually standing next to you at the Good Brownie Co. stall but was too chicken to say hi properly..! My bad.

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