Yays & Nays #9 

It’s been a very happy month in the life of Gem. Here’s what I’ve been up to this July!

New Job Update

Is going great and feel like I’m settling in quite well. Even though it’s A&E still, it’s run quite differently and they see a lot more variety of patients through the door (including major trauma and minor injuries) which is helping me develop my practice. Even though I may not get on an A&E course this year due to limited places, I’ve got plenty of other training days booked in to keep me motivated and develop my knowledge and skills further. It’s also been really nice seeing collagues that work here still from when I did before. Definitely eased the nervousness!

New Man 

Thanks to a lovely (and slightly crazy) nursing student I was working with in my last job, I was introduced to J, a guy in her nursing class. We just happened to be talking rubbish about each others lives etc and happened to mention that there was a guy in her class that she thought I’d get on well with. After Facebook messaging for two weeks, followed by 10 dates and meeting each others families, I think it’s safe to say it’s going pretty well! My Mum even likes him (which makes a change!) and that’s a huge thing for me as my family mean so much to me.

I didn’t want to jinx it and put it in my last Yays and Nays incase it didn’t work out..!

Blogging event

I attended my second ever blogging event! Ok,so it was more a PR and Marketing type event as opposed to a social one, but I still had a blast. It’s was the Bloggers Love Hub Food and Drink Festival in Kanaloa Cocktail Club. I was really really nervous prior to going in – but after speaking with a few brands, I eased into it. I got to try many samples of healthy food and drink products in exchange for social media promotion and reviews – the first of which you can read here.

Days out in London

Day out with two uni friends of mine and J, strolling around westfield and checking out Beach East at Stratford Olympic Park. The beach was packed with kids as the weather was beautiful, the kids had broken up from school and it was free entry. No brainier really. After J winning me the cutest little duck on the hook-a-duck game, we chilled out on the grass away from the screaming children. Just bliss.

Also had another day out in London with uni friends for one of their birthdays (on tube strike day but we didn’t let that deter us) which involved drinking fruit cider at the Udderbelly festival at Southbank, dinner at Bella Italia and a great comedy set at Top Secret Comedy Club in Covent Garden. Was a top top day out.


Also went on a date with one of my besties to Dirty Burger in Kentish Town. We have a running joke ever since we went to Birmingham a few years back and had the best brummy dirty burgers ever. So finding a burger bar named Dirty Burger just had to be done really. She even bought me flowers especially for the occassion, a really sweet touch. The burgers were pretty much as we dreamed, dirty, gorgous oozing with that fantastic burger sauce that makes your soul feel so so goooood. Washed down with an Oreo milkshake because, duh, what else!

Making more travel plans! 

Funnily enough as I write this, I’m actually on holiday in Malta with my family – don’t worry I haven’t just been lazing and blogging in the hotel room, we’re just having a cool down from walking around Valetta City in 36 degree heat! Anyway, I’m pretty much thinking about travel 99% of the time as it is so what’s new really..? So after this current holiday, I have a camping trip with J (never camped properly before apart from festival and girl guides, eek!) at the end of August, and also planning Croatia in October with one of my besties and Iceland in December with uni friends. I’m sure I’ll probably squeeze another Weymouth trip in there somewhere too, but this will do for now..!


Absolutely nothing. Love to say that life is pretty sweet right now. Well I would say that being on holiday right now, but even so!
Till next time!

Gem x


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