Holiday to Malta (& Gozo!)

I really need to start writing up blog posts after I’ve been somewhere and not keep leaving it for a month or two after. Anyhoo.

In August I went on holiday with my family to Malta! They have been going every year for the last 10 years or so, but as I wanted to experience different places for my holidays, I hadn’t been for around 6 years. Which was nice as it meant I got to be wowed by it all over again, and actually have more of a chilled out summer holiday as opposed to cramming in as much as I can in a few days!

Sight seeing wise, we spent a morning in Valetta (city) and had a stroll around the shops and market before it got just too hot and retreated back to the hotel pool.
We also visited the old city of Mdina and the Cathedral – a very small and quiet city (they only allow vehicles in on set hours of the day as not to ruin the ‘ambience’ of the ‘silent’ city).


My favourite sightseeing part of the trip though, had to be our day trip over to Gozo. I had never been before (family went last year) and we did a day long jeep tour which took us to all the main areas and sights of Gozo. We were luckily enough too to have the boss of the jeep company as our tour guide so he was very enthusiastic, kept us well entertained and we learnt so much about the history of Gozo and how it’s come to be over the last decade or so. He knew all the best view points to get pictures from and it was lovely hearing someone be so passionate about what they do. Plus jeep tours are just cool (not that you could get around by coach by the condition some of the roads were in!).
My two favourite parts of Gozo were the visit to Ta Pinu church – which is known to have ‘miracle/ healing’ power after said miracles happening to loved ones after praying here. There are walls behind the main church dedicated to loved ones cured from illness, injury and disease, which although a tad creepy to look at, was actually quite fascinating. I’m not religious in the slightest, but even for me being in there, there was a real sense of calm and peacefulness. Even though the interior itself is nothing to write home about, the history behind the church has made this Church very popular amongst the Maltese and tourists alike.


My second favourite part of Gozo had to be the boat ride out to the blue lagoon. The water is so so clear and BLUE (duh) it just has to be seen to be believed and the colours of the coral and limestone were just beauuutiful. I couldn’t stop taking photos and videos the entire time!
To learn  more about the Gozo Pride Jeep Tours (they also offer Quad tours) – you can check out their tripadvisor page here: Gozo Pride Jeep Tours The reviews speak for themselves! As do the photos!


Back to Malta now and another great part of the trip was the nights out on the town with my sister. From going six years ago, to now, I never quite imagined how much Paceville in St.Julians had changed. Six years ago me and my brother went for a ‘night out’ here and left soon after arriving after seeing what can only be described as school girls drunkenly dancing on tables – or maybe I was a bit more naïve about it all then, who knows – but either way, I had no idea just how popular it was there now. Bars and clubs literally everywhere you turn! The drinks here were still pretty cheap out here too (around 2-3 Euros a cocktail), no entry fees into anywhere and the atmosphere and music just incredible. The only let down was the amount of creepy Italian guys around, but we managed to find a way of fobbing them off! The best way was in fact to get up on the pole tables just to stop them from groping you left, right and centre! There was even more space dancing up on poles than on the dancefloor anyway, so win win I guess!
Even though these nights usually ended drunkenly around 7am (which my body struggles to keep up with now!) it was really great being able to spend some time connecting with my sister before she runs off to University.


The rest of the Malta holiday consisted of pool time, shade bathing and EATING. And boy did we eat well! The best of course being the 3 (more like 5) course 5star meal we had our hotel restaurant ‘Essence’. Now I’m not a huge roast meat fan, but this pork was just so so succulent. The risotto pictured was the starter, the pork and vegetables the main, and the selection of miniature cakes for dessert. Very posh indeed..!


And that pretty much sums up a fantastic holiday in a nutshell!

Have you ever been to Malta or Gozo? I would love to hear what you thought of it!

Till next time!
Gem x


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