Yays & Nays #11

So September just came and went didn’t it? Wowzers. Feels like I’ve just worked the entire month, but there were some pretty sweet times too!


Dirty Martini Blogger Event

I managed to attend another blogger event! Mainly due to actually booking it off work 2 months in advance, but still. It was another great social event organised by lovely Lauren of Blonde Vision and #LDNmeetup and finally got to meet some lovely bloggers who I’d been following on twitter and Bloglovin’ for some time and was nice putting faces to the blogs!
The location for the evening was at Dirty Martini in Hanover Square, London. A cool, sophisticated cocktail bar perfect for after work drinks and social events for small groups of people. Along with meeting some great bloggers, the cocktails were just out of this world! I surely made the most of happy hour (2-4-1) and tried a few of the signature cocktails on offer. My favourite had to be the Sour Cherry Martini and the Strawberry and Black Pepper Martini, so delicious and bursting with flavours, best of all, it didn’t taste too strong either so they went down pretty quickly! It was a great night filled with great cocktails, great people and some booty shaking after a few cocktails!

Check out those pasty legs..!  >_<

Weymouth Trip with J

This month I introduced J to my second love and second home, Dorset.
After some hellish nights, we both had a few days free and took up this opportunity to run off to Weymouth again!

Knowing that I have a love for spitfires and military aircraft, the oh so sweet and thoughtful J surprised me by booking us tickets to see the Battle of Britain Flypast at Goodwood Aerodrome in Chichester, so this fitted in nicely with our trip away in Weymouth.
After a mamouth of a drive (5.5hours due to insane traffic around Chichester) we were fortunate enough that not only the flypast was delayed by two hours due to cloud (I reckon it was to allow people to actually get there personally..!) but the weather was gorgeous by the time we arrived! Despite the journey, the flypast really was a wonderful experience and was grinning ear to ear watching over 40 spitfires and hurricanes flying overhead. I was totally in my element and felt honoured being able to see it. It made me think of my Grandad a lot, but in a nice sentimental kinda way.

After a knackering day, we spent the following day strolling around Weymouth town. Which didn’t last for too long as it started to HAMMER it with rain. For ages. Soaked through, we decided the only option was to take shelter in a restaurant and grab lunch and a drink or two!

J was determined for us to go out for a sophisticated evening of fine dining and dressing up (which I didn’t complain about!), so after drying off and getting dolled up, we headed back into town (via a cab this time!) for a LOOOOOVELY swanky meal at the new Al Molo on the Weymouth seafront.
The food and service was just incredible. I would have taken pictures of the amazing food we consumed, but I didn’t want to ruin the ambience of the evening by busting my iPhone out to take photos for my blog. So here’s a picture of me and J instead 🙂

For our final day before driving home, we headed down to Portland Bill lighthouse. I love just walking around and climbing on rocks, remind me of doing it with my brother as a kid. After taking some lovely pictures and once again stuffing our faces, it was time to head home (with some cream tea and scones to take for the journey too of course!)


Bend It Like Beckham

On the one weekend I’ve had off this month, me and a few friends went to see the new musical Bend it like Beckham at the Phoenix Theatre. The show was fantastic, the actors were true to character and the plot was very much like the film! Some parts were really funny to and was shedding tears with laughter! I definitely recommend seeing it if you’re a fan of the film! It was great to also catch up and spend time with friends too after working what feels like every weekend.


My little sister has head off to Uni!
I know this should be a Yay as I am so happy and proud of her, but I sure do miss her. The house is so quiet now, it feels weird! I’m sure shell be back for Christmas before I know it though. Seeing regular Snapchat stories of her having a blast sure has been reassuring, although I can’t tell if she has actually done work yet or just partying! At least she’s settling in well and making new friends at least.

Work has just been relentless over the last couple of weeks!  These last two weeks have consisted of five long days each week which has been exhausting. The joys of shift work (although definitely feel I got the short straw this month!). Doesn’t help that the department is slowly getting more and more busy now we’re coming into the winter months… so feel like its a sign of things to come. Just going to keep cracking on and doing the best I can do, cause at the end of the day, I’m only human too.

Speaking of this crazy shift pattern this has panned out to me not only having 3 days off in a row next week, but I’m also off to Croatia next weekend for a week with one of my besties, so there is some light at the end of the tunnel!

Till next time!
Gem x


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