Visit to Dubrovnik 

So for a while now myself and Charlie had been contemplating a trip to Croatia. Myself for the culture and scenery, Charlie for the Game of Thrones interest (and culture, food and scenery too) so we finally got it all booked up and have just spent the last week exploring Dubrovnik and Split.
As the Malta post I did last month was quite a hefty one, I’ve decided to split (geddit?) this trip into two or three posts. This one will be Dubrovnik based, followed by a Split based one and possibly a food post later on. Less hectic posts hoping for a more consise and interesting read!

Well, to start with, things didn’t start out as smoothly as we hoped!

We had a fairly panicky start to the trip, what with our EasyBus from London to Gatwick arriving over 45 minutes late and flying through a storm over Dubrovnik almost resulting in what felt like a nose-dive landing into the city once we were there. However, this was all rectified on our drive over to the heart of Dubrovnik with its city lights all light up and welcoming (despite the stormy weather!).
If your wondering what it’s like walking around Dubrovnik, the reviews don’t lie – parts of Dubrovnik, particularly getting in and out the heart of the old town involve a lot of steps! However the actual size of the city isn’t too big, it’s fairly easy to cover what’s there to see in two days, 3 if you want to go leisurely about it or book day trips in between.


Despite the weather, we managed to cover most things we wanted do. I did the walk of the City Walls which gives some fantastic views across the city and had a general walk around the shops (although the majority I found to be very touristy) whilst Charlie did the Game of Thrones walking tour, which she says was pretty cool as they were taken to many of the areas where filming had taken place.


We did a short walking tour together which lasted 90 minutes booked through Get Your Guide which covered the basic history of Dubrovnik through the ages.

The organisation of the tour itself was pretty poor as our ticket included entry to the cable car but we were unable to do this due to poor weather so was left waiting 90minutes to start the walking tour (as some people had just booked that part so time could not be changed). In my opinion they should of planned it so that the cable car part happens after the walking part for when the weather is poor, that way you’re not wasting 90minutes bumming around (plus we could have really done with an extra hour in bed..!) for when this happens. Also, our tour guide, even though was knowledgable about Dubrovnik and was happy to answer questions relating to that, she didn’t really let us know what to do in terms of getting a refund for the cable car part (as this worked out at around £12 each). Instead I had to throw a few emails around and have since managed to get one through Get Your Guide who I booked the tour with originally.

We decided to do the Cable Car the following dayand just booked it there directly as opposed to through another company and we were blessed with gorgeous weather and stunning views.

We had a bit of a time-out whilst up here, – wrapped in blankets, drinking beer and soaking in the views, it was bliss.

For our accomadation, I booked our Villa (Villa Homa) through and although the room was a little basic to what I was expecting from the photos (it lieterally had a kettle, wardrobe and bed), the location and hostess were just superb. It was located on a side street in the old town, which was a fair few steps to get to everyday, but meant that you didn’t get so much street noise either. The host was so accomadating and on our checkout day, our bus to Split wasn’t until 15:30 and I had been very poorly during the night, let me stay in the room for 4 hours past checkout in order to try and catch some sleep and rest it out. So sweet. On check in we asked about supermarkets and didn’t hesitate to show us round and translate for us when needed and on checkout she gave us directions to the bus station and also gave us a small painting to take with us (her mother paints and sells her work on the same  street as the accomadation) which was a nice gesture.


All in all I really liked Dubrovnik and even though the weather wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t terrible, and I couldn’t have imagined exploring it during the summer months when temperatures hit up to 42 degrees..! I liked the size of the city being so easy to walk around, despite some of the stairs. I’m not the fittest person by any means but didn’t find the steps too much hard work. I’d say 2-3 days is definitely enough time to explore the old town in. It is quite a touristy city, largely due to the large cruise ships that dock here, but if you manage to avoid the tourist traps, there are some cute/quirky shops and cafes to check out. Oh and Wi-if is available for free pretty much everywhere so no worries there!


My next post will hopefully be next week and will cover what we got up to in Split!

Have you ever been to Dubrovnik? What did you make of it? 

Till next time!

Gem x


6 thoughts on “Visit to Dubrovnik 

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  3. Wow it looks great! I can’t say Dubrovnik is somewhere I’ve ever thought about visiting but after reading this I think it sounds like a really cool place. I love that photo of the steps and passageway as well! xx

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