London Haunted Pub Tour with Lantern Ghost Tours 

On Friday 30th October and with the Halloween weekend looming, I was excited about yet another blogging event organised by the lovely Lauren of LDNmeetup. This time it was the London Haunted Pub Tour (very fitting for the weekend) with Lantern Ghost Tours.

The 2 hour tour kicked off at Temple underground station and took us through the back streets of London around Fleet Street. Our tour guide was excellent and told  us many stories of people in History and what happened in the landmarks we came across. Our tour guide painted a good picture of what life was like back then and being able to stand in the places where history was made was pretty cool to think about. What was good was that the stories themselves wern’t too long and drawn out, keeping the people on the tour interested and avoided us getting to cold standing outside for long periods of time.


I don’t want to give too many spoilers as to what was included for those that are interested in doing the tour – but the main stories we learnt about were Spencer Percival (the only Prime Minister to be assassinated), Samuel Johnson (who compiled the English Dictionary back in 1755) and where he lived and Sweeney Todd (the barber of Fleet Street).

The tour also involved visiting 3 quirky pubs along the way:
The Old Bank of England, The George and Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese
all of which were also steeped in gory history and definitely added a more relaxed and social feel to the tour. It was nice meeting new bloggers I hadn’t previously met before and definitely eased the nerves by having a drink or two throughout the tour!


I think this tour could have covered more ground, but for 2 hours you sure do learn a lot and cram a fair few places in! I think if it was longer people would begin to lose interest in the history, or get too drunk at the pubs in between to really appreciate it! Overall, it was a good little tour giving a brief insight into just some of London’s warped history. I think if you’re looking for something different for an evening and fancy being a tourist in your own city, then this tour is a good starting point.
Plus, if you do an evening one like we did, can make a night out of it after!

If your interested in the Haunted London Pub Crawl or any other of the Lantern Ghost Tours, head over to their webpage here for more information.

Till next time!
Gem x

*This tour was a pre-organised event and I was given this tour at a discounted price of £5 in exchange for a review of the tour, however all thoughts and opinions are my own and still recommend checking out their tours!

** Apologies for the picture quality, my camera is a bit broken and had to rely on my iPhone for photos! 


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