Travel Round-Up 2015

I was going to do this round-up blog post anyway as a way of reflecting on what I’ve been up to this past year, but then reading that this months travel link up was based on the same topic – I’m knocking two posts with one stone now! Winner. Anyway, here are the adventures I went on in the year 2015!


A five day break with a guy I had been dating for 3 months, and to be honest, didn’t know all that well. Safe to say after two days of being treated like a child, no appreciation for me pretty much planning the entire trip and generally made to feel useless, I’d had enough. At least there was enough to see and do in Krakow to keep my mind busy on other things.

Even though it was really depressing to visit, Auschwitz sure was a 2 hour train journey worth doing. The devastation of what went on camps were clear as day,l as though it had just happened. The whole place had a sombre feel to it and you could even see the fingernail marks on some of the walls where prisoners tried to escape. Pretty overwhelming.

The Salt Mines we visited were pretty impressive too and tunnelled an amazing 127meters underground (if my memory serves me correctly) but didn’t actually feel claustrophobic at all. Luckily there was a lift at the end to take us back to the top!


Funnily enough, after that overwhelming break to Kraków I had a fleuky 4 day weekend coming up so begged my sister (although no real persuasion needed) to go on a bit of a party/drinking break to Tenerife (somewhere we had both previously been to and loved) to shake it all off. Safe to say that definitely worked and I managed to pass for 23 the entire trip (I thought saying I was 18 might be pushing it just a bit) and was a great feeling just not having a care in the world for a little while!

Center Parcs

A 3/4 day break in March for one of my best friends birthdays. It really was a great break away, was nice spending some quality time with friends and was even just riding bikes around the forest felt like a lost past time. It’s always the little things that make it isn’t it?

The roller disco, where we were definitely some of the oldest people there was definitely a highlight. Particularly when we weren’t taking any chances and completely kit ourselves out in elbows, hands AND knee pads! And of course the swimming pools, rapids and flumes. Always a good laugh!


Ryanair started flying to Copenhagen this year and as I think an introductory offer, were doing midweek flights for a mere £5 each way. I also had another random 4 days off work together. I ALSO had Copenhagen on my travel list anyway and so I was sold immediately and literally booked within 5 minutes of seeing it advertised. As expected, Copenhagen did not disappoint. I crammed everything into 3 days and loved every part of it.

From the canal tour to the free walking tour with Sandemans and the lovely Maria as our tour guide (she’s now travel blogging too with her partner and doing it well, I highly suggest you check it out over here).

Another highlight was meeting up with someone I first met back in 2013 in Australia whilst I was travelling there. I knew he was Danish and lived in Denmark so thought I’d hit him up and see if he was around, and he was. Was surreal but nice seeing a friendly face in a foreign country and made me fall in love with Copenhagen even more!




Rome was a very impromptu trip in June and one I actually didn’t take for myself, but to support a friend who needed to sort out some family things out there and needed a bit of support. Not that we didn’t obviously make the most of being in Rome whilst we were out there. We managed to do the colosseum, the Roman Forum and also hit up a bar that we had fallen in love with on previous trips to Rome (namely due to the prices and staff there being awesome) – The Drunken Ship. Oh, and not forgetting epic gelato. Think we managed 3 in 3 days which was pretty good going I think!

Malta (& Gozo)

Is somewhere I have visited many a time before as my family go out every year, but being the traveller I am, I hadn’t been with them in 6 years due work commitments and wanting to pursue other trips and see more of the world! However this year I decided I wanted to see it all again and how it had changed and I’m so glad I did. We also did a jeep tour over in Gozo whilst we were out there (which I hadn’t been on previously) which was such an awesome day out. We had such a great tour guide (makes all the difference!) and saw some spectacular sights including the Ta Pinu Church and crystal blue lagoon with spectacularly coloured coral.

Fingers crossed if I don’t mess things up with J in the next year, then I’ll be taking him with me and my family next July. Eeeek!

Henley – Camping experience 

As I mentioned over in my Yays and Nays of August over here, I had my first proper camping (not slumming it in a two man tent at a festival living off of cheese and coleslaw sandwiches) but proper camping, on a proper campsite, in an awesome location and with all the facilities you need to actually make camping an enjoyable experience – which it sure was. The highlight though has to be the private boat ride up the Thames to Marlow with a Picnic and Prosecco and was one of my surprise birthday presents which I had to wait a painstakingly two weeks to find out what it was! Safe to say it definitely was worth the wait!



August I also introduced J to our family’s (and what I refer to as) second home. Even though this trip was supposed to be a treat from me to him, he still went ahead and booked us tickets to see the Battle of Britain Flypast at Goodwood Aerodrome. This boy just cannot do wrong I’m telling you. Too good to be true! We also had a very swanky meal out at Al Molo on the Promenade (which I had no idea was there) and the food and atmosphere was just incredible – a real hidden gem! A bit modern and pretentious sure, but Weymouth sure needed a bit of sparkle and sophistication to it and this sure ticks that box.


October saw me and my bestie head to Croatia (Dubrovnik and Split to be precise) after talking about it for like a year. It was a great trip away, we fit in all the sights we could (although the boat rides to neighbouring islands were a no go due to weather and being just out of season) but we didn’t let this hinder our trip at all and still saw some fantastic sights such walking the city walls of Dubrovnik as well as the cable car up the mountain to get a great panoramic view of Dubrovnik and not forgetting our day tour to Krka National Park to top it all off.



And last but in no-friggin-way least, was a trip that I had wanted to do for a long long time but didn’t expect to enjoy just as much as I did. I headed to Reykjavik with some uni friends and despite being -5 most of the trip, the scenery and atmosphere was just incredible. All the snowy/icy streets and roads, little shops selling Christmas knick-naks and cosy and comfy little cafes just gave it that real festive feel to it.

The ultimate wow factor of this trip though has to be witnessing an amazing display of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) on our evening boat tour. Just absolutely mesmerising and we were so so lucky to be able to see the amount we did. I’m so glad I took my actual camera with me and was actually able to capture this amazing phenomena! We also did the Golden Circle Tour with a trip to the Blue Lagoon which was so surreal especially seeing as you’re in what feels like warm bath water, but still outside where it’s -5 degrees, that mixed with the sunrise made it that all the more magical. And of course, being able to do it all with some awesome people which I don’t see nearly as much as I do and was great being able to spend some decent time with them again.

Wow. When I started this blog post I thought ahh, this’ll be a quick one, I haven’t really been on many trips this year… turns out I actually have! An impressive amount despite trying to save for a house deposit in between.

Now let’s see what 2016 brings!

Merry Christmas everyone! 


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