Plans for 2016

So, unfortunately blogging has taken a bit of a back seat as of recent. January always seems to be a busy time of year, spring cleaning routines, starting new resolutions as well as working shifts full time yada yada yada.

Anyway, enough of the excuses for now, but speaking of resolutions and new starts and all that, I realised I hadn’t actually written out my plans for 2016!


Buy a property
So for the last year and a half I have been saving pretty hard for a deposit and my aim is to hopefully be moved out before this year is up, ambitious sure, and all depends on what comes up. I have a long way to go yet – namely actually my head around mortgages in general, let alone house hunting but do have a general idea in mind of what I’m looking for. My first step is going to be meeting with a mortgage advisor in the next month or two to get my head around things and discuss my different options. Anyone reading who has bought a property in the last year, any advice would be greatly appreciated! Luckily J works at an Estate Agents part time and has grown up around the Wycombe area (which is where I’m looking at) so that’s really helped me feel more at ease about the whole thing!

Continue to better myself in my career
I had my appraisal back in December which was overall positive, but also made me really think about what it is I want to get out of my career and this role. I feel that I have done well in my new Band 6 role since starting back in June, however there are certain areas, namely knowledge and experience gaps that need to be improved upon with time and well – experience. Ways I plan to do this is by self-directed learning (own research), clinical practice (with support of colleagues) and hopefully going on more training courses this year. I’m already down to do APLS training in April and I’ve got my fingers crossed tightly for a Paediatric A&E course in September. If I don’t get that course funded though, I have researched other courses which are available and would look at self funding if it were to come to it. I’m six years into my career now and only have one post-grad course since then (minus odd study days) which is Mentorship. I really want to get another solid course out of the way before bigger future plans and lack of money get in the way. So that’s the plan.

Travel in the UK
In a bit to keep saving more money until I move out, and likely thereafter, I do plan on taking fewer trips abroad this year (sad face) but explore more of the UK to make up for it. I’m looking to do more day trips to UK cities I haven’t yet touched and even explore more of what’s on my doorstep here in London. The only ‘abroad’ plans so far are France next week with friends and a two week holiday to Fuerteventura in October with J (which I’m pretty excited about already) but I’m sure there will be more thrown in somewhere… maybe a sneaky European city break or two…

See more of my friends
Seeing as its now mid February, I think I have met up with my guys like… twice since Christmas? Not really on. Work has been busy yes, but it needs to stop becoming an excuse and I need to start planning things ahead more, rather than getting to mid week, finally being off work and wondering why I don’t have plans. Not only do I want to see more of the guys this year, I want to touch base with a few people I’ve neglected over the last year or so. Yes, you heard me, year. Its not on. So when I get back from France next week, I’m going to be looking at getting in contact with a few missed friendly faces!

Keep on running
Yes. I started running. Thanks to a new year recommendation from J and something for both of us to do together *cough cough* I’m currently halfway through the Couch to 5K program and I’ve got to say, its been really enjoyable – which I NEVER thought id say about running. I think having a structured week by week program has really helped build up my fitness slowly without getting burnt out and just giving up. Tempted to sign up to a 5K in the summer, but will see how the next 5 weeks pan out first! Will definitely be doing a blog post review of the app too once completed!

Keep on planning
I bought a pretty 2016 paper diary this year and every week I have filled out what I plan to do/ achieve that week. My shifts are all written in there, my runs are planned out, social events and even blog post ideas and things to research for work are all written out and ticked off once done. I felt that I was wasting days off not getting the things I needed to get done, well  done, so having it written out in front of me has really helped me not to procrastinate.

Keep on Blogging!
Errr, yeah Gemma. Stop faffing about and keep blogging!
Till next time..!

Gem x 


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