Yays & Nays #15

So another 2 months has passed since my last little life round up, so here’s what I’ve been up to during March and April 


Sushi class @ Yo Sushi 

As one of our Christmas pressies, me and J got a sushi making class and even though I’d not really had sushi (apart from a few months prior when J made me try it) I’ve got to say this class was so enjoyable. It was a good 2 hours long, we made soooo much sushi (of which ate throughout and took some home after) and I’ve now definitely converted! We even recreated it back at home to pretty good results! We got a little cookbook with the pack so we can refer back to it for future reference! 


I made brownies! And they were yummy! And didn’t kill anyone! Definitely given me motivation to experiment a bit more now as those of you that know me know that I tend to avoid cooking/baking at all costs. Just another benefit of being with J 🙂 

Hen Do

Had a spa day and Abba Tribute night at Whittlebury Hall for a friends Hen do. Despite not knowing many people going, it was a really lovely day getting to know J’s friends a bit more, being pampered and boogying away to Abba! 

APLS (Advanced Paediatric Life Support) 

After stressing for weeks prior to it and having to complete 18 modules prior to even going on the 2 day course – I can say with much much relief that I actually passed APLS! It was so mentally exhausting being continually assessed on life threatening situations for 2 days straight but looking back now, I actually learnt a hell of a lot and it’s definitely given me the confidence boost I needed!

Afternoon Tea @ Crowne Plaza Marlow 

Last weekend me and J finally got to use up our second afternoon tea (we both got afternoon teas for eachother for Valentines Day… Meant to be right!?) and so we headed off to the swanky Crowne Plaza and stuffed our faces with sandwiches, scones and sweet treats… and 2 huge pots of tea of course! Instead of coming out on 3 stacked plates, it came out on what can only be described as a wooden IKEA draw… looks pretty neat though don’t you think? 


These last 2 months have been pretty hectic in trying to meet up with friends, but when we have its been a right good old catch up. Had a lovely Indian at Rajdoot for a friends birthday, a lovely Sunday lunch for another friends birthday – but need to see them other than just birthdays really. Damn conflicting schedules! At least I finally got to meet up with the uni gals and have an epic catch up over Nandos! Hadn’t seen some of them in nearly 2 years which is just a joke! Again, distance and work schedules make it difficult to get everyone together at one time! We can only try our best.

Travel Plans 

I finally have some travel plans sorted for the rest of this year! Been feeling a bit bogged down with the APLS course, work and house hunting that I needed to book a trip somewhere! So next week I’m visiting Bath for a day along with some surrounding villages, June I’m going solo to Barcelona and Valencia for a week and in September I’m off to Fuerteventura with J for our first proper holiday together and hopefully take me scuba diving for the first time… eeek! 

Hoping to hit up Weymouth too obviously at some point and maybe even a short camping trip with J (as the last one was pretty cool) but we’ll see what the year brings us! 


Even though looking at it I’ve actually done a fair amount in these last 2 months, I’m finding it hard to get motivated at the moment. Running has totally gone on the back burner, along with blogging too and feel myself wasting away days off again. Need to stick with my diary planner again as I’ve been slack with that which is how I’ve slipped into my old unmotivated self again. Yes. Planning. 

So here’s to May – bring it on. 

Till next time! 

Gem x


3 thoughts on “Yays & Nays #15

  1. I feel the same way with my friends – it’s so hard to get the old gang together now, life just always gets in the way! Always lovely when you can though.

    Loving your update – and lucky girl with 2 afternoon teas I’m jealous haha! (I do love me a good scone!)

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

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