Yays and Nays #16

So it’s that time again for another Yays and Nays round-up. If anyone is actually keeping track, these posts will now be coming you every 2 months (so that i actually have enough to write about in each post…) May and June was pretty lovely all in all with some added exciting news to boot, so without further ado…


Visit to Bath and Lacock village

With a couple of days off in between shift work, I decided to make the most of it and visit the beautiful city of Bath. I hadn’t been back here since I was little so visiting was like somewhere new entirely. Bath is steeped in history and seriously recommend a walking tour of it if visiting. The Roman Baths were of course a main highlight, but walking through the beautiful cobbled back streets as just as enjoyable. Fortunately I had fab weather at the time (#whatthehellhashappenedtosummer?) so really felt like a little break away even if it was a one night hostel stay. 

I also hit up the beautiful village of Lacock village on the route home and despite not going into the Abbey, was really nice just to have a wander around (super scenic) for an hour or so before carrying on home. You can check out my post here on it for a better write up of it. 

Solo trip to Barcelona and Valencia

Ok, so yeah I couldn’t help but go away again on my annual leave. As other friends (and half) were working, I decided in a solo adventure to Barcelona (which I had visited 8 years ago) and intrigued to see what Valencia had to offer so check that out too. Again you can read up more about what I got up to and why I fell in love with Valencia using the links above. 

Bluebird Tea Mixology Class

For my birthday present last year (August FYI) my two besties got me a tea mixology class at Bluebird in Brighton. Due to shifts/ baby’s/ limited available slots we kept having to postpone it but finally got to do it last week. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was such a cool experience and learnt so much about pretty much every type of tea possible. We got to sample anything we liked, taught how to brew certain teas correctly and even concoct our own samples to take with us. May have spent a fair amount on tea stuff, but it was just all so nice! Expect a blog post about this soon. Definitely recommended to any tea lover out there! #teaovercoffeeanyday

Airkix Indoor Skidiving 

Another joint present that me and J got for Christmas (and again finally got round to doing) was Indoor Skydiving with Airkix! So much fun and right up my street. We also used this day out as our anniversary day (as we were both working the actual date we met) and celebrating J passing his nursing exams and nailing his dissertation. Super proud! 

House Hunting

Ticking another thing off my 2016 to do list was to buy my first home  – and I  hope I’m not going to jinx it by writing it here – but I’ve totally had an offer accepted on a beautiful 2 bed house in Bicester. Tad further out than I first planned, but needed to to be able to afford something actually liveable and that didn’t need too much work. It’ll be nice to live and explore somewhere completely new too and start building my own life #independantwoman. Hopefully my next Yays and Nays will be able to confirm everything’s gone to plan and can actually start making it my own before moving in. Very exciting 🙂 


Nothing much apart from I seem to have had a lot more anxiety over the last month or so, which isn’t like me at all. With all the positive things going on at the moment, I don’t really understand where it’s coming from. Hopefully it’s just a temporary thing. Just need to remember that my life is pretty sweet right now and that I don’t actually have anything to worry about. Silly Gem. 

Till next time! 

Gem x 



One thought on “Yays and Nays #16

  1. Congrats on the place in Bicester Gemma!! That’s awesome!! Hope your anxieties disappear soon – it sounds like a lot of things are going your way at the moment 🙂

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