Hughenden Manor, High Wycombe 

On a gorgeous sunny day last month, me and J finally had a day off together with no plans. We (mainly I) decided that I wanted to make the most of the day and head out and explore! We stuck to the local area and decided on the National Trust site Hughenden Manor in High Wycombe.

We do love a good picnic we do, and so doing as we do best, selected the finest freshest baked goods from the local Waitrose. No Tesco Meal Deals, no sirree! 

On a arrival to the site, we waved my parents NT passes (shush, I intend on getting my own soon..!) and parked up no problem. 

Hughenden Manor was the country home of the Victorian statesman and charismatic fellow Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who lived here from 1848 – 1881. 

The Manor itself has certainly been refurbished since then, but has been done very well and in still in keeping with the era. 

The formal gardens to the front and back of the manor have been recreated based on the original designs of Mary Anne Disraeli. Surrounding the manor and gardens there are ample pathways for you to explore more of the parkland surrounding it.

We were lucky enough to time our visit just right to catch a free 30 minute talk on the history of Benjamin Desralei, his character, his role within the government and royal family and his personal life and aspirations to become a novelist. The talk really covered all the basics and was truely insightful and surprisingly not dull. 

Not only did we catch this talk but we also managed to catch a second talk whilst here – in how the Manor House was used during the war and how pilot maps were made here to allow pilots to track and plan their attacks. I do have quite an interest in WW2 history, in particular aircraft used, so found this quite interesting too.
Overall, I really enjoyed my day out here at Hughenden Manor with J and was really nice making a day off a relaxing but still a somewhat productive one..! 

For more information on Hughenden Manor, including prices, facilities and directions, head over to the National Trust Website 

Till next time! 

Gem x



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