Yays and Nays #17

So my last post was 11th August and my last Yays and Nays a whopping 3 months ago. Sorry about that. I really need to stop starting these posts by apologising all the time. Getting a real sense of deja vu. More so, I really need to start my scheduling in my diary again so I can schedule in time to actually blog.
Anyway, due to my lack of blogging, this Yays and Nays update is, like I said, a whopping 3 months worth! Hopefully after reading what’s been going on, you’ll hopefully see why I haven’t blogged in 3 months and forgive me..?! Here goes:


Hughenden Manor
So in an aim to make the most of the summer and my days off in between shifts and visit more parts of the U.K. –  myself and J decided to spend the afternoon at Hughenden Manor. You can read more about Hughenden on my previous post here.

West Wycombe Carters Steam Fair
Me and J went to a steam fair! We actually had a weekend off together and I think this is what mostly sparked the excitement of going to a fair. But it was a lovely evening out and enjoyed doing more child like things like riding the most rattly rides and eating a bag of mini doughnuts (I’m a doughnut as opposed to a candy floss girl) finished off by a firework display – perfect!

Oxford Day Out
In a bid to get to know my soon to be nearest City, I took one of my days off and explored the city of Oxford. Lucky for me it was on a scorcher of a day and spent the afternoon trapsing up and down the little streets and unique shops – albeit a little bit sweaty and avoiding getting burnt. It’s mad, Oxford is only an hour from me now and yet never really given it a second look. Well, I sure have now and only felt love for the place. Very old streets and a mix of old/new stores giving it really is the best of both worlds.

My Birthday
My birthday this year was a very enjoyable one and was spread out over an entire weekend! I did a joint birthday do with one of my work friends and decided to give the new Junkyard Golf in Shoreditch a go. It was a laugh and despite it being quite disorganised in terms of layout and what seemed to be lack of staff on – it was a good evening catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. The Sunday was spent with family having a gorgeous Sunday lunch. J brought the most incredible homemade cake too – a chocolate coca-cola cake topped with M&Ms, Skittles, Buttons, Rolos and Fruit Pastilles – oh and edged with chocolate fingers! A truly lovely day and once again, glorious weather too!

The last installment was on Monday (my actual birthday) and was spoilt rotten by family, friends and of course J. I got to pick from 3 options of dresses and heels he had picked out and was treated to dinner out at the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield (which if you didn’t know – is a pretty swanky restaurant/hotel). So Definetley an awsome birthday all round. Definitely made turning 28 that little bit easier..!

Camping Torquay
The end of August, J finally got to use the birthday present I had got him back in May – diving with Penguins in Torquay’s Living Coasts Zoo & Aquarium. As the trip itself was quite far (a good 4 hour drive) we decided to make the most of it and do another camping trip for 3 nights. Which I think was well needed as we had both been feeling the strain pretty hard – myself at work and house buying and J finishing University (helloooo nurse!). He absolutely loved it and the smile on his face after was just priceless!

Last week myself and J came back from a well needed 2 week holiday in Fuerteventura (I know I keep saying “well needed day out” and “well needed holiday”, but nursing full time you definitely do need them)!

It was awsome finally getting to meet everyone J goes on about (after teaching scuba diving out there for 5 years prior to studying Nursing). We spent the first week relaxing and exploring the island and the second week I took the plunge and went Scuba Diving! Scuba diving is something I never pictured myself doing due to such anxiety towards it. With J though I completely trusted him with all my heart and not only tried it – but loved it and went on to complete my Open Water course whilst there too! The first dive did scare me of course – but was an overall ‘good’ scary feelings. After the initial panicking, by the 3rd dive in I was eager to get straight in! Looking forward to diving elsewhere now on our future holidays together.

And last but not least…

I completed on my house!
I’m now a proud owner of a 2 bed house in Bicester! Going to be spending the next couple of weeks decorating/ furnishing and hoping to be moved in properly by the end of the month – with J of course too. Very exciting times indeed!


Well, this one is kind of a nays – but saying goodbye to two close friends whilst they go off traveling over the next few months. A yay for them though, finally going and doing what they’ve always wanted to. Takes me back to my traveling trip 3 years ago that’s for sure – I just know they’ll have the time of their lives and learn and grow so much from it.

So that’s my 3 month round up! Hopefully I’ll have a bit more time to blog more once I’m properly settled in so hold fire..!

Till next time!
Gem x


One thought on “Yays and Nays #17

  1. I love your shots of Oxford, it’s such a pretty city – I went there once back during college to go and see King Lear for my English Lit class and I fell in love with the city straight away. The architecture is gorgeous, and each time I see photos I know I need to go back again soon. Love the photos from Torquay too, the aquarium there is one of my favourites. And yay on completing on your house too – exciting! – Tasha

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