Feeling Festive with The Kettle Shed

This last week I have definetly been feeling more in the festive spirit, especially now that the house is coming more together, the Christmas decorations are up and one thing that Christmas focuses around massively of course is the incredible food and drink on offer!

Fortunately for me I was sent some some lovely Christmas Infusions from The Kettle Shed (whose tea I have reviewed before me here) to trial over the festive period. 


The gorgeous smell of this tea hits you as you open the box and smells exactly like gingerbread. Made with rooibos, ginger cinnamon and vanilla, this smell comes off strongly in the flavour too and definitely  has a significant kick of ginger to it!

On the instructions it says you can have it with or without milk – I tried it with both and preferred it without the milk to keep the flavour more locked in.  

As the ginger and vanilla had quite a kick, I’ve been adding a drop of honey or half teaspoon of sugar to add a touch of sweetness to it – but I always add a touch of sugar or honey to any tea i have (such a sweet tooth). That being said – its definitely a warming and enjoyable brew.


A more subtle flavour – eggnog is quite similar in taste to the gingerbread but less ginger-bitter and has a much more subtle taste. It has pretty similar ingredients to the gingerbread (replacing the ginger for nutmeg) and again can be had with or without milk (again I preferred it without milk and a touch of sugar). 

What I love about The Kettle Shed is not only is the tea packed full of antioxidants, the packaging is completely recyclable and the fuso bags are also completely biodegradable. What’s more, every box of fuso tea bags you buy The Kettle Shed donates tea to homeless shelters across the UK. How lovely! 

These brews are perfect after those days of attempting to get 101 things done on your to-do list and leaving yourself exhausted, these brews are lovely to come home and just put your feet up with (biscuits optional but recommended..!) 

Next on my list of their brews to try is Carrot Cake which just sounds DEVINE. You can see their full list of available brews over here.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Till next time! 

Gem x  


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