Dearest Vicki

Dearest Vicki 

Today more than ever I am reminded of you. You probably don’t even remember me but I want you to know what an impact you had on my life. 

It was devastating to find out what happened and broke me more than I actually thought it would when I found out.

You see, we met on holiday in our early teens, wrote each other (yes like pen pals – the days before broadband internet and Facebook) for around a year and then fizzled out, as most holiday friendships do.

Not only that, our families got on ridiculously well on holiday too. Also had 3 children, all scarily the same age and so we all hit it off together but in different ways. 

What you probably didn’t realise though, was just how cool I thought you were! I was so stoked to have made a friend on holiday who knew nothing about me and who thought I was cool too… I think. 

Looking back at these letters always give me a giggle. They must have been back in 2002 as we speak a lot about music, in particular Destiny’s Child, Blue and Avril Lavigne. 

Even though we had many different interests, we always made the effort to write to each other, even if it was months apart at a time and you always asked about me. In particular, through the time of my parents splitting up. I can’t even remember what I even wrote about it come to think of it or how I came out with it, as to everyone else I kept pretty quiet about it and myself to myself as always.

It wasn’t until I began to clear my room out a few years back now, when I came across your letters in my memory box. 

Oh, I’ll see if she’s on Facebook now and maybe catch up. 

A quick log in to Facebook to see if you were on there… I remember that instant sinking feeling in my chest that all I could find was a memorial page. 

Even looking on there I had no idea what had actually happened. How could someone so full of life, a girl that really took life by the horns, suddenly just go in a blink?  

I remember crying to Mum about it and from there, decided to get in contact with Vicki’s Mum, not to find out what happened, but to give my deepest sympathy.

Since then, my Mum and now partner have been in contact with Vicki’s Parents, have got back in contact where and even met up on occasion. So it’s not all doom and gloom. 

I’ve brought two friends back together and while I don’t have my friend in real life, the memories we do share more than make up for that.

Happy Birthday Vicki.

Love Gem x


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