Things I won’t miss about commuting 

Things I won’t miss about commuting 

I am eagerly looking forward to my new job. 

Out of the whole prospect of taking on a completely new role in a new hospital, a new area and taking a 9-5 job as opposed to shift work I’m used to, one of the things I’m looking forward to the most is not having to commute via public transport for hours on end at stupid o’clock in the morning. 
I’ve complied a list of everything that sucks about commuting by public transport (from London Underground, National Rail and more recent addition, bicycle) to keep my excitement going a bit longer prior to starting next month.

I’m sure with time I could make a list about commuting by car and having to use my car for work use, but I can’t comment on that until I do it. 

If that sucks even more I’ll be sure to do a blog post on it, but I really can’t see that list being longer than this one. 

Here goes…. 

  • The mass panic looking at the busy platform and how many potential train seats are left and wondering how you can blag a seat by complaining about a made up ailment. I somehow don’t think “sorry I’m about to take over an Children’s A&E department for 13 hours which will probably busy horrendously busy, so do you mind if I actually try and sit down / sleep whilst I can? Cheers mate” would really cut it. 
  • Having good intentions for your hour long journey (reading, writing, sifting through my to do list) then spend it catching up on sleep. Every. Single. Time.
  • People giving you ‘the look’ when they plonk themselves next to you after you’ve just done a 13 hour night shift and smell of god knows what. “No love, I have in fact already been to work, saving children’s lives I’ll have you know and do you really think I would choose to look like this first thing in the morning?” Just go sit elsewhere and leave me alone if it offends you that much. 
  • Men. Speaking really loud into their mobiles at 6AM about some work related thing or other that really could have waited until they got there. Like, who are you even taking to at this ungodly hour and have you ever heard of an indoor voice?!
  • Having to watch women apply their make up on the train. I mean seriously, can’t you just give yourself 10 more minutes in the morning and do it at home or once you’re at work? Cause then I (and everyone else on the carriage) wont have to sit through the tense 20 minute application of your mascara praying for the train to jolt just at the right moment. Just don’t do it love, you look ridiculous and EVERYONE is watching you. 
  • Having to rely on the Underground, in particular the Metropolitan Line (before I moved out to Bicester). Enough said. 
  • THAT awkward position. You sitting on chair. Male standing and holding hand rail above you. Do. Not. Look. At. His. Crotch. Best get my book out and pretend to read on my lap.
  • The revolting position. Being on a crammed train in the ‘summer’ at rush hour and being rammed under some sweaty guys pit for at least 30 minutes. Mmmmm. #smallgirlproblems.
  • It alway deciding to rain JUST as I’m leaving home or work and have to cycle in it and end up looking totally wrecked before I’ve even started work in muddy trousers and lion mane hair. YAY. 
  • The fact that my bike locks alone weigh 2kg let alone my work gear itself…
  • The fact that currently, based on the average amount of times I travel into work a week (4), times the amount of time spent each day commuting (3-4hours a day there and back), I spent approximately 8 hours a week traveling. That’s the length of a standard working day and I’ve not even included work in that! 
  • In addition to the above, my monthly train fare is currently the same amount of money as what I receive for my Inner City Allowance, so I’m actually no financially better off working in London. Yay me! 

Now do you see why I’m excited to start? No more 5:40am wake ups, no more nights and helloooo weekends! 


Till next time! 

Gem x


3 thoughts on “Things I won’t miss about commuting 

  1. Haha I can totally relate to this post! I don;’t have to commute any more as I work from home and the commute before was the worse part of my day!

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