Yays and Nays #13

Struggled to think of whats actually gone on this month at first as it’s literally just flown past so quickly but there were definitely a fair few highlights (and lowlights)…


Seeing Jack Whitehall @ Top Secret Comedy Club

After debating whether to stand out in the rain like mugs on Guy Fawkes night watching fireworks for 20minutes at our local Rugby Club, I thankfully received an e-mail from Top Secret Comedy that afternoon stating that Jack Whitehall (along with 3 other comedians) would be doing a show in London that night. For ten pounds. Oh yes. So I booked me and J tickets there and then and trotted off to London and I have to say, itwas easily the best tenner I’ve ever spent. Such a great line up of comedians and didn’t stop laughing throughout. Even some of the smaller acts were just absolutely hilarious. Plus, for London the drinks are damn reasonable, always a bonus.

I will have to do a post about this venue as it is a little charmer, so cheap and is always a great night out whenever we go and whoever is performing.

View from the Shard

For my brothers birthday last November, I got him two tickets to ‘The View from The Shard’. My brother being my brother, texts me last month and goes something along the lines of ‘need to use the tickets up before thy expire’ and I was like ‘erm, yeah you do!’ so we finally managed to set a date and went on November 17th… possibly the most miserable day (weather wise) of the year..! It was freezing, it was windy, it was raining, it was misty and my hair and face was just… don’t even. Anyway, we gets up The Shard to the 69th floor and we look straight out, to see… grey cloud… and lots of it.

To make the most of the experience though we got some champagne and took our time working out London landmarks through really poor visibility and eventually the cloud did start to lift a little. At which point we then walked round again, to try and get better pictures.

We then went even further to the 72nd floor where it was open to the elements and it was a bit nippy and breezy to say the least! I didn’t realise there was an open air part and they’d covered the floor in fake snow and ice sculptures to make it feel more wintery which was pretty cool. Quite fitting seeing as the building is practically made of glass.


We followed this up with a good ol’ trip to Wagamamas where we completely stuffed our faces and then sat on the tube after feeling totes satisfied.
Winter Wonderland

Last Saturday J suggested that we went to Winter Wonderland to which (at first was a bit miffed about as kinda stepped on a surprise I was going to do, not the same but similar, which I still plan on going ahead with) but then really got excited at the idea as the last time I went it was a bit of a washout and ended up really muddy. He booked us to go ice skating, which once we actually managed to find in time, was a really enjoyable experience. I hadn’t really done outdoor public ice skating before and it couldn’t have felt more wintery and festive if it tried. Although being quite crowded, we managed to skate around with no injuries and listen to a lady playing soft acoustic songs. And then someone proposed in the centre, which is always heart melting to see and be a part of. So yeah, really enjoyed that. Had some Bratwurst, some hot apple cider… but much to J’s dismay (and he’ll kill me for bringing this up again now) no Churros unfortunately as it was around 10pm by this point and everywhere started packing up. Sorry J!

Christmas Shopping
As I write this, I have around 95% of my Christmas presents sorted. Been proper on it like a car bonnet this year. Always makes me feel a little relieved knowing I can actually start the best part which makes me feel the most festive… wrapping presents and writing cards (which I shall be doing after this as I can’t bare it all being lumped in a large IKEA bag).

New Arrival

Towards the end of this month it was finally time to say hello to a new arrival and the first one of my close friends (out of ‘the guys’) little baby Noah. I managed to pop round and see him today and he is just the cutest little bundle of joy ever. Just so snuggly, so chilled and so content with his little cheeky smile here and there. Even his crying is adorable. And its lovely to see K and M doing so well as first time parents, looking after one another with the support from their family and friends and generally looking so happy with the little bundle of joy they’ve finally got to meet. He’s totally a little bit ginger too!




I feel like this is in my Nays a lot and I probably shouldn’t moan about it as much as I do, but work has been CHAOS these last 2-3 weeks. Definitely feeling the winter pressures now in A&E and last week we even hit and 5.5hour A&E wait at one point it was just THAT busy. Just absolute madness. It even got to a point where (I wasn’t going to mention this but feel in a way I should) I had to get Security brought into the department at one point due to parents getting angry and abusive about the waiting, to and in my face. It was like no matter how much myself and other members of staff try and explain the situation the department is in to them, they couldn’t see beyond themselves and their child. I completely understand as parents you have every right to be anxious about your child when they are unwell, but there are ways of going about it and swearing at staff who are already strecthed to their utmost, is not the way to go about it. Safe to say, everyone was OK in the end, the parents calmed down, their child was safe for discharge and chaos resumed as normal.

Another thing that wound me up about work this month was a course that I had been booked on in January has had to be cancelled and postponed till June. Not entirely sure why it’s been postponed and wasn’t particularly pleased in the way I found out either, but I will be bringing it up in my appraisal (gulp!) next month.


Not the weather, although things have turned quite bitter as of recent, but I’ve only just about managed to kick a cold I’ve had going on for the last 2 and a half weeks. Never thought I’d see the end of it. Just a tickly cough to get rid of now, but that’s always the bit that lingers on and on…


I know I’ve been a bit slack at blogging recently, but sometimes life just takes over. I don’t ever want to see blogging as a chore, so only blog when I have the time and mindset to do so. I’m hoping to review my routine and organise my free time in the new year, so here’s hoping for some more posts in the next year to come!

Ending on a positive… I’m on annual leave and off to Iceland next week for 3 nights! I’ve never been before and always wanted to go and what a better time to go… should really really get me into the spirit of Christmas!

Right, I’m off to wrap some presents!

Till next time!

Gem x


Rosy Lee Tea

So most of you know I’m British and I love my tea. Heck, I’ve mentioned it numerous times in previous blog posts and even my Christmas and birthday pressies from friends and family now tend to consist of something tea related!

Whilst attending the Bloggers Food and Drink Festival back in July, I came across Rosy Lee tea – a London tea brand all about just that, Londoners who love tea. After being intrigued by the lady in the tea-cup hat and hearing about the brand itself and its aim to make good quality, proper english tea for people to enjoy ‘anytime’ (whether it be first one of the day, afternoon with friends or, you know, just because you fancy it) and was excited to try some out at home.

I was lucky enough to receive 4 tea bags, to really put the tea to the test. I’m not just saying this because I’m blogging about it, but I’ve got to say that it is by far one of my favourite black teas i have tasted! A really strong and bold tea flavour, even with the milk and sugar I added. Perfect for the mornings where I’m getting up at 5:45am! And even the packaging itself makes you feel as though you’re in for a treat. Being red, gold and white in colour to give it that Royal/British feel.

Rosy Lee Tea is available from selected stockists and I can safely say that when I do come across Rosy Lee Tea again, I will be grabbing a few tins!

For more information on Rosy Lee Tea and available stockists, check out the links below!



Till next time!
Gem x

The Good Brownie Co.

So on Monday I got to attend my second ever blogging event!

Arranged by The Bloggers Hub – it was The Bloggers Food and Drink Festival and was held in the very tropical Kanaloa cocktail club in Chancery Lane.

It was much more of a PR based blogger event as opposed to a social blogger one, but had a blast talking with a few bloggers and many many food and drink brands. There was a real variety of brands at the event – some relatively new just starting out and some more established ones – all of whom were very passionate about their products and were very generous in allowing us to try and take home some samples to try and taste test!

The first one I had to try was of course a pretty decent sized brownie from The Good Brownie Co, because duh, its chocolate!

The Good Brownie Co was founded by David (and his wife) and his love for baking brownies! It all started a couple years ago when David went around Camden Market giving out free samples for the public to try and see their response. After a great response, they have now grown pretty fast and now bake morning and evening, and deliver around the offices of the London area Monday – Friday.

For a brand that is quite small, it was amazing to see the variety of brownies they actually had to offer – a full list of which can be seen at goodbrownies.co.uk. They can also cater for certain types of allergies as all brownies are made to order and are all wheat and gluten free!

I know what your thinking… wheat and gluten free… that must mean it’s really dry and bland… but my gosh it was far from it! I’ve got to say (and I’m not just saying this because it was a free sample and I promised a review) but the brownie I had (honeycomb) was one of the most moist yet light brownies I have ever had and was so flavoursome. I had my brownie two days after the event and took it to work with me and it still tasted so fresh. Although very chocolatey and the honeycomb obviously quite sweet, it wasn’t too heavy or sickly at all. It was just the perfect brownie consistency.

Unfortunately, as I was at work I completely forgot to take a photo of it before devouring it in the space of around 2 minutes! So instead, here was the simple yet very practical packaging it came in! The little cardboard box it came in was handy and pretty sturdy too and it managed not to get completely smushed in my work rucksack. Winner!

You can check out some of the mouth-watering photos – check out their Instagram page

If you live and work in the London area and are looking to host a party, treat your friends or impress your work colleagues, I would most definitely recommend getting some of these brownies in! They’ll go down a storm and will definitely make you the office favourite!

To check out the range of flavours and options available to order, go check them out over at goodbrownies.co.uk

Thanks once again David for being so generous and allowing me to trial your amazing brownies and will most definitely be looking into placing some orders soon!

Till next time!

Gem x

A Happy Blogging Birthday!



Wow. I’ve actually kept a blog going for a year for once! Look at that!

And what a ride it’s been!

Blogging sure isn’t what it used to be when I started back on Livejournal at the innocent age of 15. I never thought that starting up another blog this time last year would introduce me to the HUGE and wonderful blogging community there is now! Seeing blog comments, Twitter faves and Facebook likes really make my day and just makes me want to blog more and more! Reading hundreds of blogs daily through WordPress, Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin’ gives me real inspiration to not only post more but to actually GET OUT THERE more and experience things through beautiful pictures and recommendations people have posted.

I know my blog isn’t huge and there are bloggers out there who are way bigger after a year of it than I am at now (seriously, I’m only at 2,000 page views after a year) and yes you could say I am slightly envious of these bloggers, but for me, really deep down, blogging isn’t about the numbers. As I stated in my blog intro here, this blog is a hobby for me and I don’t want numbers and statistics to stand too much otherwise I will lose heart and interest in why i started this blog up in the first place. The followers I have now have all been lovely and supportive and if I continue to get more then great 🙂

I think the reason I don’t post as much as I would like to, is that stupid old self-doubt gets in the way. Worrying about how I’m sounding and coming across, about my content not being relatable and generally not as good as other peoples posts on current topics, which then deters me from posting about them too. I know it’s natural to compare yourself to others, but it needs to stop if I want to blog more often and enjoy it even more. That, and even though shift work is a killer, I need to find a way for this not to be an excuse for not blogging. One good way I plan on overcoming this is to try and make the most of my hour long tube commute to get blog-storming (my cool word for blog brainstorming).

I am looking to take my blog to the next level this year. I’m not promising anything too drastic mind. I just want to start posting more frequently and consistently, improve my web tech skills, maybe become self hosted (once the thought of it stops terrifying me), get a decent layout (any blog designers holler at me!) and just get even more involved in the blogging community. I particularly want to thank Jasmine Charlotte for her helpful techy how-to posts which have taught me a lot already!

Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling now. I just wanted to say THANKYOU again to my fellow readers and followers (on WordPress, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook *phew!*) for reading this little blog of mine.

Here’s to another year!

Till next time!
Gem x